Ahmad Salah Ahmad Al-Barghouthi, one of the best permanent make-up artists

May 30 17:34 2023
Ahmad Salah Ahmad Al-Barghouthi, one of the best permanent make-up artists
Ahmad Salah Ahmad Al-Barghouthi, one of the best permanent make-up artists
Permanent makeup has been around for quite some time and is becoming more and more popular by the day. Everyone knows how exhausting it can be to get up earlier only to apply your makeup properly, especially if it’s done every day. And let’s not even mention the money poured into all those beauty products! Here comes the role of the permanent make-up artists who are really doing a great job in such a demanding world, just like Ahmad Salah Ahmad Al-Barghouthi, known as Moudy Salah.

Many women, girls, and even men always want to look neat and beautiful. Permanent makeup is exactly the service that helps them with this. In addition, this is a very popular service, and in this regard, there are quite a few masters who provide permanent makeup. But how do you choose a really good master? Everybody should know how to choose a permanent makeup artist because this is the choice of a person to whom you trust your appearance. This is a very serious step, and it must be approached with responsibility. But with the help of Ahmad Salah Ahmad Al-Barghouthi, or Moudy Salah, be sure everyone will receive the best possible results ever.

In 2012, Moudy Salah finished up his education in microblading and tattoos for the eyebrows, lips, blush, and eyeliner at the French Academics in Jordan. Following his graduation, he started taking several permanent makeup courses and started his journey in beauty salons in Jordan, including Rajaei Haddad, Fares Al Zagha, Hamza Al Zagha, The Loft Salon, and Moran Naser Salon. Besides, Moudy Salah has worked for many celebrities, including Dana Abu Khodor, Randa Karadsha, Lana Kassus, Nidaa Sharara, and Layla Al Salem.

What’s really interesting about Moudy Salah is that he doesn’t have a specific location. Moudy Salah presents his work in different beauty salons in different countries in order to satisfy all his clients. He has traveled to many countries, including Dubai, Turkey (more than 10 times), Iraq, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and many more.

In brief, Moudy Salah is a really trusted talent in the world of permanent makeup who is making a change with his artistic touch that has reached different countries in the Middle East. Moudy Salah is a must-follow permanent make-up artist. To get to know him more easily, you can reach his Instagram account at https://instagram.com/moudy.salahofficial1?igshid=NTc4MTIwNjQ2YQ==

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