3di Product Design Helping More and More in New Customers with Re-Shoring Projects

March 30 18:58 2023

After the turmoil over the last few years in supply chains and the current relationship with China becoming more and more difficult. All this on top of this rising material costs, more and more companies are choosing to re-shore their Products back to the UK. 3Di Product design has seen an increase in new customers needing help with this process. In some cases our client could be purchasing a standard item as an assembly and not really understand the different manufacturing processes involved in the Product, where to source them, have no Cad data for the Product and not necessarily understand how it works.

3Di would reverse engineer the assembly back into our Creo Cad system. We would then go through a process of value Engineering the product, partly because in the UK we want to use fully automated processes like Plastic Injection Moulding, Metal pressing, die Cutting, etc to save on direct labour that far east companies are less concerned about. Using this design for manufacture process we aim to save our client money and use the least amount of raw materials.

Each individual component will be designed with the optimum features to lend itself to the manufacturing methods, for example when we design an Plastic Injection Moulding, we apply our knowledge in processing to reduce any issues such a sink marks, weld lines and in mould stress. We also consider the best Mould tool construction, as with our Creo Cad software it allows us to create Mould tool split lines. This helps us to ensure there are no undercuts and the product is fully drafted and ready for production.

Once the 3D Cad is ready, and approved by our client, we have the capability to prototype and test products in house, we do this using our Stratasys FDM printer, Resin printers, Laser cutters and Themo-former. Creating working Prototypes is key to proving the Product works currently, we like to build in innovation for our clients to ensure they have unique selling points and are modern in design, this means prototyping is essential as some products created have never been done before and we need to guarantee the work as the Concept Design.

Once the design is complete and the Client has approved this our work is not done there! Some client need our Technical knowledge in all different manufacturing disciplines to help them make the correct sourcing decisions. We work with our clients through the manufacturing process and support them with our Knowledge of Injection Mould tooling, Press Tools, Blow Moulding and even down to smaller elements like fasteners. In some cases client will ask us to project manage the whole process, this is within our skill set and something we are happy to do.

It is great to see manufacturing returning to the UK but as there appears to be a skills shortage in the manufacturing sector. We are finding that outsourcing Design and development, to a company such as ours, with a broad understanding of manufacturing, a key part of the process to ensure that the products returning to the UK are design cost effectively and for the UK manufacturing environment.

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