OLSA International: The Top-Rated Spanish School in Medellin for Learning Spanish and Obtaining Student Visas in Colombia

March 29 18:19 2023

OLSA International, Medellin’s top-rated Spanish school, is authorized to sponsor Colombian student visas. They provide certified Spanish classes at their Medellin campuses and certified virtual courses across Colombia. OLSA’s courses cover two years of university-level Spanish in one year. OLSA also provides conversational English classes, free language exchange events every weeknight, salsa dance courses, and is allied with several housing services. They even operate a certified foundation to scholarship English classes for low-income Colombians!


According to Google Reviews, OLSA International is the top-rated Spanish school for anyone looking to learn Spanish in Medellin. Certified by the Ministry of Education, OLSA International is licensed to sponsor Colombian student visas for up to 14 months, making it an ideal option for foreigners looking to study in Colombia.

The OLSA International certified program can be completed in person at either of their campuses in Medellin (the Estadio campus or the El Poblado campus). These certified courses can even be taken virtually from any location in Colombia, making it easier for students to stay in Colombia for prolonged periods of time – even as they travel!

The curriculum at the school is based on the Vistas and Facetas Spanish programs which are used by over a hundred accredited universities across the United States. Their rigorous 12-hours-per-week Spanish course allows students to complete two years of university-level Spanish in just one year in Colombia. OLSA’s Certified Spanish University courses include their certified university Spanish grammar courses and their conversational Spanish classes, both in one package. This means that OLSA students don’t just know Spanish theory when they graduate; they speak Spanish fluently, having practiced the language daily.

Furthermore, they are an excellent option for short-term Spanish immersion tourist packages, including conversational and private Spanish classes, salsa dance classes, and day excursions to better acquainted with the city and culture. These one-week packages are an excellent option for US teachers looking for professional development hours.

Whether through certified courses, conversational classes, or even a one-week immersion package, OLSA provides a great option for anyone looking to stay in Colombia and improve their Spanish fluency.


In addition to accredited Spanish instruction, OLSA International offers various other services. They are the only business in Medellin that offers a different themed language event every weeknight, including Game Night, Dance Night, Activities Night, Craft Night, and the Friday Pre-Party Social! As a Spanish & English school, their nightly language exchange events provide excellent opportunities to connect with the locals and continue with the language experience.  

OLSA International offers salsa dancing classes for those looking to learn more than a language. On-campus salsa courses are taught by professionals and are convenient for students. There are small group classes in the mornings and private classes throughout the day.

The school is also very well connected within the Medellin community and has alliances with several hostels and housing platforms for short and long-term stays near each campus.

In addition to its Spanish programs, English programs, dance programs, and nightly events, OLSA manages its own café & event center on campus, focusing on healthy breakfasts, lunches, and desserts. The OLSA Café is also licensed to serve alcoholic beverages and cocktails, along with Colombian specialty drinks.

OLSA International offers a thorough and engaging experience for individuals wishing to learn Spanish in Medellin. OLSA is a fantastic option for anyone wishing to learn Spanish and experience Colombian culture because of its well-regarded courses, certification to sponsor student visas, and distinctive services like its language exchanges, excursions, and salsa dancing lessons.


OLSA International is the only privately owned Spanish school with a certified foundation – The OLSA Foundation, which has two projects of focus. The first project, Opportunities Through English, provides scholarships to low-income Colombians to learn conversational English, which will provide the student the tools to find a higher-paying job, taking their family out of poverty. The second project, Resilience, will provide a full-service K-11 grade bilingual school for the orphan population in Colombia. In addition to a full education in Spanish and English, students in 10th and 11th grades will also learn a trade and be fully work-ready upon graduation. This project will focus on rescuing orphans from the “system” of aging out of their foster homes without an education or any marketable skills and turning to a life on the street with drugs and prostitution.

Anyone interested in supporting this cause, don’t hesitate to contact us with the information below.

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