A deep dive into Michael Simpson Jr: A Hollywood artist on the rise in Film, Music, and Fashion

February 07 17:35 2023

Gifted actor, musician, and the founder of Glowstick Bay Studios, Michael Simpson Jr. is elated to announce he’ll be playing Buddy in the upcoming film, “Get the Girl”, written and directed for the screen by Chris Jai Alex.

The film, starring Chris Jai Alex alongside Johnny Yong Bosch, also stars Michael Simpson Jr. and Shaun Paul Piccinino as Buddy and Charlie Boy in a hilarious turn as a pair of goofball villains. Michael Simpson Jr. has been very busy in 2023, with his company, Glowstick Bay Studios, which he started in 2012, having had their public launch in October 2021. So far this year, his company has worked on The Goon Squad directed by Barry Bowles and starring Apryl Jones, The Mel Gibson film, Hot Seat, and the James Cullen Bressack film, Sally Floss: Digital Detective, among others.

Most people would probably recognize Michael Simpson Jr. from his previous work in films such as Beyond The Law, starring the late DMX, in which Michael played the criminal thug Deshaun.Michael Simpson Jr. is also working with Noel Braham and Courtney Branch of Braham Entertainment on their film festival, The Micheaux Film Festival, which is in it’s 5th year and kicks off this year on July 10th and takes over the Regal Cinemas at L.A. Live for the entire week. Glowstick Bay Studios is a festival sponsor. Previous sponsors have included Oprah’s OWN Network, as well as Panavision, among others. Michael Simpson Jr. who is a Producer/Mastermind for the film festival, says it’s one of his favorite times of year every year.

Michael has also started focusing fairly heavily on expanding his brand to include two very important components of his life that have to this point only been lightly touched on; Music and Fashion. He has recently soft launched his record label, called Moon Bridge Music, and his clothing label, called Moon Bridge Society.

As a music artist, he goes by Callaway Jones and is best known for his songs “I.G. Stories” and “Middle Class”, both released under the Moon Bridge Music label to moderate independent success. You can find his music on iTunes, Spotify, and all your favorite streaming platforms. You can purchase themed clothing and other merchandise at the GBS official store; shopglowstickbay.com and to inquire about production needs, commercial, music videos, films, or television, visit glowstickbaystudios.com

Amidst these recent accomplishments, Michael has had to contend with some challenges, chief of which is the Covid pandemic. He notes that it’s extremely hard running a small business during a pandemic, let alone one based in entertainment. ”That said, in my opinion, entertainment is a basic essential for humanity, and I was fortunately blessed to be able to survive the pandemic,” he said.

”As an actor, it’s important to have more than one source of income because when the world shut down, so did Hollywood. But people still needed post-production, and that’s where Glowstick Bay Studios comes into play. I was awarded post-production work on 5 feature films during the pandemic, which kept my company afloat until things got back to normal.”However, Michael says the hardest part of all of that, was not being able to go visit any of his family back home in Michigan and Georgia. Being the only person in his family on the west coast left him completely alone and dealing with all of that.

Michael revealed he’s a man of traditional values from a small town in Michigan, so God and family are the two most important aspects of his life, and not being able to fly back and see his family during all of that was some of the hardest times of his life. ”I have some pretty awesome backers and private investors in my corner who come in and help produce and expand so I’m very blessed in terms of that.”

Michael has been in the entertainment industry for more than a decade and has a piece of advice for his fans and young ones. “When you really decide you want it, you’ll get it, whatever it may be. This applies to education, athletics, business, and beyond; there are very few things that can stop you from getting something you actually want, when you actually want it. I just think people in general don’t really want the things they think they do. They don’t want the sweat, the time, the sacrifices, the investment, the roadblocks, and all the other stuff that comes along with actually getting the thing.

Michael is the epitome of this very advice. His focus and self-belief saw him overcome barriers, bottlenecks, and challenges while shooting for the stars—a shot which he took with the perfect aim and precision. With his determination, Michael Simpson Jr will soon be a household name in the world of movies and music.

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