FuDog Group Launches Personal Growth Event “Change The Channel”

January 11 16:09 2023
Personal Growth Event In New Jersey, March 18-19 2023

FuDog Group, a personal growth company serving business owners throughout the United States, is launching a brand new in-person training in March 2023 called “Change The Channel.” Guest speakers include Shark Tank star Kevin Harrington, Profit First author Mike Michalowicz, and real estate mogul Mark Evans

Change The Channel is a life-changing personal growth event that helps people to identify and break through the limiting beliefs that have been holding them back. Participants will learn how to tap into their inner power, recognize negative thoughts as they arise, and replace them with positive ones instead. By shifting the focus away from what they can’t do or don’t have towards what they can do or already have, Change The Channel provides attendees with an opportunity to turn fear into courage and doubt into confidence.

Change The Channel also teaches goal setting skills so participants can begin taking actionable steps towards achieving their dreams. Attendees will explore effective methods of goal setting as well as create concrete plans for reaching those goals over time. In addition, Change The Channel encourages its participants to celebrate their successes along the way, no matter how small.

Change The Channel is a powerful program that can help people create lasting positive changes in their lives. Through this experience, participants will gain the knowledge and skills needed to push themselves beyond their limits and live a life of fulfillment and abundance. Change The Channel is sure to be an inspiring event that will leave attendees feeling energized and motivated to take on whatever challenges come their way.

Change The Channel will be an impactful personal growth event that can help people tap into their inner potential and achieve success in all areas of life.

Along with Kevin Harrington, Mike Michalowicz, and Mark Evans, speakers will also include authors and experts from the FuDog Group team: Mike Agugliaro, Jennifer Agugliaro, Michael Agugliaro, and Aaron Hoos.

For more information, visit FuDogGroup.com/changethechannel

For more information about FuDog Group, visit: FuDogGroup.com

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