New Supper Sanity Tools Help Families Save Money in 2023

January 04 12:06 2023
New Supper Sanity Tools Help Families Save Money in 2023
Supper Sanity Meal Planning Tools can be displayed in the kitchen to share the weekly menu and check off needed groceries.
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Cincinnati, Ohio – January 4, 2023 – Supper Sanity helps families plan healthy meals and save money in 2023 via its new 3-step meal planning system:

1. Meal Cheat Sheet features more than 28 nutritious and delicious meal suggestions with recipes on the website and a four-week menu with a variety of proteins and cuisines. The chart helps families plan a healthy menu together, eat more meals at home and avoid the temptation to order pizza.

2. Weekly Meal Planner helps the family cook use the Meal Cheat Sheet to create a menu of breakfasts, lunches, snacks and dinners, save money and stay on a grocery budget by seeking out sales and reduce waste by checking the refrigerator and pantry before making a grocery list.

3. Grocery List makes shopping quick and efficient and prevents impulsive purchases to reduce the food bill. The list is organized by store sections, making it easy for any household member to shop.

“It takes organization to put a healthy, home-cooked meal on the table—many steps and considerations,” says Supper Sanity Founder Karen Zerbini. “Supper Sanity streamlines the process. It helps you to decide the menu easily, pick the recipes, create a shopping list, shop for the ingredients, and cook the dishes.”

Supper Sanity Meal Planning Tools are available in two formats. Printed magnetic pads that display on the refrigerator and fillable PDFs that can be downloaded to any device for easy access. Newsletter subscribers receive a new menu with recipes for four weeks and a discount on the meal planning tools.

“I love Karen’s meal planning tools because they make me check to see what I have before going to the store,” says Kathryn Klei, a small business owner and busy parent. “The grocery list saves me so much time at the store. I have eaten out so much less.”

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Karen Zerbini

About Karen Zerbini

Karen became passionate about meal planning and home cooking when digestive issues prompted her to adopt a healthy diet. She started the Supper Sanity blog during the 2020 pandemic work furlough. “With extra time and some unemployment money, I started this project to help people meal plan and shop efficiently,” says Karen.

Karen also worked in the food business for more than 20 years and picked up industry tips to save money on groceries. “I am a passionate meal planner, and I want to share my shortcuts,” says Karen. “You will find everything you need to make your dinnertime less stressful. 

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