JLS Sales Academy Now Offers its Case Review Program to All US States

January 03 17:09 2023
The case review program is designed to help financial advisors better identify pain points and improve client outcomes.

JLS Sales Academy, a leading institution for insurance agent and financial advisor training, is proud to announce that it is expanding its case review program and making it available to all US states. This move follows an increasing demand for the program and the academy’s continuing mission of empowering agents to grow their careers and reach their seven-figure income goal.

The case review program provides agents access to comprehensive resources and one-of-a-kind training experiences that uplevel their skills and enable them to get results much faster. It shortens the learning curve and teaches agents how to identify their client pain points and successfully resolve them.

One of the biggest hurdles agents have when dealing with clients is their limited experience with the products (i.e., life insurance, Medicare, annuities, etc.) they endorse. Another is failing to understand what their clients actually need. These prevent agents from effectively creating a comprehensive plan that will benefit their clients and resolve their pain points.

The JLS case review program aims to resolve these hurdles and equip agents with the methods and tools to position themselves as trusted advisors and experts. It covers several key topics, including the strategies behind case reviews, understanding client profiles, and the client solution mapping process.

The program focuses on helping agents build their experience so they can better respond to different situations and bring value to their clients. It is personalized and allows for an in-depth discussion of client-specific needs. Agents work closely with the JLS team for guidance and insight-sharing. They also receive unlimited follow-up sessions for their cases.

Beyond the technicalities, the case review program is also designed to help advisors better communicate with their clients and build stronger relationships with them. Many agents and advisors who have experienced JLS’s case review program have transformed their careers and tripled their average revenue per client.

“My first five case reviews with Jerry were extraordinary. I generated over $150,000 in additional commission. Now, I review all of my large cases with Jerry. It is the best money that you will ever spend. It is like trading pennies for $100 bills!”

The industry is changing rapidly. Agents and advisors must improve their skills and knowledge to meet their clients’ increasingly complex needs. With JLS Sales Academy’s program expansion, agents across the country can get all the resources necessary for their continued success in a competitive market.

Find more information on the case review program here: https://www.jlssa.com/.

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