Highly Anticipated Movie New Orleans 2030 debuts on December 16 at the Carver Theater in New Orleans

October 04 02:30 2022

Award-winning movie producer Tyris Terrell McKnight is pleased to announce the premiere of his new movie New Orleans 2030, slated for December 16 at the Carver Theater in New Orleans. Tyris puts together a documentary film that examines racial disparities in a majority-black city with majority-black legislators and exposes the shadow of white supremacy. Tickets are currently available at https://www.universe.com/events/new-orleans-2030-movie-premiere-tickets-K4JRF1

According to Tyris, the movie helps answer questions like Why is the Black Population in New Orleans Decreasing? Why are they the physical majority but the financial minority? What are the contributing factors that assist in these phenomena? How will the population of New Orleans look by the year 2030?

Speaking about the features of the movie, Tyris states, “This documentary will examine the racial disparity in a majority black city with majority black legislators and reveal the shadow of white supremacy. There are State Representatives, Senators, and Councilmembers in this film. The future of New Orleans will be determined by its citizens at the end of the day as we will take it in our own hands.” 

New Orleans 2030 promises to be intriguing, inspiring, and educational. The award-winning producer who has produced numerous other films has undoubtedly put in the time and effort to create yet another memorable one.

Video Link: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=de2EUW287Z4

The Movie premier is scheduled to begin at 8 pm on December 16 at the Carver Theater in New Orleans. Interested ones can purchase tickets at https://www.universe.com/events/new-orleans-2030-movie-premiere-tickets-K4JRF1.

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