T4N Pinnacle Academy Raises the Bar for Online Education

October 03 06:18 2022
The4Network’s online school, the Pinnacle Academy, debuts a multitude of new programs as it continues to raise the bar for online education.

Since its founding, the T4N Pinnacle Academy has already gained a name as one of the best online schools offering a K-12 American curriculum, but what really sets the school apart is its distinctive ability to continuously improve its curriculum, courses, and instruction.

The Pinnacle Academy offers something very few schools can compete with – over 700 courses which can be accessed on their custom-built learning management system. In addition, their instructional model allows for personalized live instruction in classes capped at five students. More statistics on the T4N Pinnacle Academy can be found on https://www.pinnacleacademy.the4network.org/pinnacle-difference.

Things are just about to get better though. In a recent announcement, Aryan Marxaney, the Head of School for the T4N Pinnacle Academy, announced that the 2022-2023 school year would bring with it, amongst other novelties for the school, plentiful redesigned classes with more videos and a greater number of physical events to allow for the highly international student body to meet each other in real life.

Arguably even more impressive, however, is the debut of the SMART course system at the Pinnacle Academy. The idea of a SMART course involves a self-paced curriculum in which assessment questions guide the course in adapting itself to create a unique and positive learning experience for each student. Though the idea of SMART courses was initially pioneered only as a concept by The4Network, it has since made its way into the classroom and is now being used by the T4N Pinnacle Academy in various courses to boost student success. Though SMART courses allow for an adaptable curriculum, all students finish each course having learnt the same concepts and having gone through the same assessments – possibly just in a different order or with additional concept lessons.

The rapid success of the T4N Pinnacle Academy is at least partly tribute to its highly credentialed leadership team. In a rather impressive set of statistics, the leadership of the Pinnacle Academy is made up of alumni of universities such as Oxford University, Yale University, Stanford University, the University of Cambridge, Harvard University, and more.

In 2021, the T4N Pinnacle Academy took the education world by storm when it introduced over 100 new language courses which had never been offered in K-12 schools – ranging from Cantonese to Hebrew – as well as with the first dedicated online high school philosophy, ethics & logic sequence to ever be offered. With all of the new accomplishments which the school has introduced this year, we are left in eager anticipation as to what this thriving and rapidly growing school’s future has in store.

About the T4N Pinnacle Academy

The T4N Pinnacle Academy, a project of The4Network, is a K-12 online school providing both full-time and single course enrollment to students across the nation and the globe. It is a GEAC & NCAA accredited school, and a Cognia member.

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