iQibla Offers an Affiliate Program with 15 percent in commission

August 03 16:58 2022
iQibla Offers an Affiliate Program with 15 percent in commission
Best smart ring, Misbaha counter, wake up light alarm clock
iQibla Offers an Affiliate Program to others. Affiliate marketers can earn up to 15 percent in commission from this program.

iQibla, a company that focuses on creating smart devices for Muslims offers an affiliate program. This program is for those who want to start a business that focuses on technology for Muslims. The head of the affiliate program of the company explained, “The founder of this company, Younes believes that Muslims can also create smart devices that help other Muslims. It is one of the reasons why he started to develop a smartwatch and Zikr1 for Muslims. Our company wants to open an opportunity for those who want to join and grow this business.”

This business can be potential because younger Muslims are more familiar with devices and apps. They may be glad to find the best smart ring for zikr or a smartwatch that can show the Kaaba directions. The benefit of joining an affiliate program by iQibla is that marketers can earn money without confusion about products and capital anymore. The head of the affiliate program described, “Being an affiliate marketer is much easier today due to the various platforms they can use. They can share the affiliate links on their websites, social media accounts, messengers, and many more. We will prepare the products and any information customers need before they buy the devices.”

Affiliate marketers can earn up to 15 percent in commissions anytime customers buy from their links. So far, marketers can offer smartwatch and Zikr Smart Ring to customers. Educating customers is an effective trick to trigger them to buy. Marketers can explain that the devices are more than other traditional tools for Muslims. Besides using the devices for their functions, Muslim customers can also use them as a wake up light alarm clock. The head of the affiliate marketing program added, “Giving a solution is a powerful method to attract new potential customers. Affiliate marketers can focus on giving effective solutions or high-quality content for Muslims, so they start to check the product and buy it.”

Showing that this smart Misbaha counter is different from other traditional zikr counting tools will also attract Muslims who love technology and see the device. The head of the affiliate program in iQibla expects that this opportunity is not only to help others who want to start a business and make money but also spread goodness to other Muslims worldwide. Best of all, Islam also follows the latest technology and can use it to support Muslims to worship Allah. The wider Muslims who can use these devices, the more useful technologies appear for Muslims in the future.

About iQibla:

iQibla started in 2019 when a young Arabic Muslim had an idea to create an exclusive watch that could show accurate prayer times based on the current location and time zone. The company has grown significantly and produces smartwatches and Zikr Smart Rings. Now, they invite others to earn money and grow together through an affiliate program.

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