Metaface Token Undergoes Restructuring and Remodeling to Come Out as LMETA Token

May 20 14:03 2022
Lucky Metaverse revolutionizes the Blockchain industry by offering distinctive features and utilities like auto-staking, BNB dividends, intermittent lottery, and GTA-like, play-to-earn game.

The 21st century marks the widespread acceptance of crypto, metaverse, and blockchain technologies. This acceptance is brought about by innovations and features that not only curb the ambiguity of these setups but also tend to grasp client attention. One might wonder, what happens to the not so alluring, old platforms and Blockchains that have already been founded. For these old projects to thrive, an increase in the utilities offered is essential. 

Restructuring And Rebranding: 

One such project to be recently restructured and rebranded is the Metaface Token, now called Lucky Metaverse. The project has acquired a professional partnership and through the employment of the same accomplished team has undergone a restructuring of the project. The $LMETA Token was launched in the first quarter of 2022. After the restructuring process, the Lucky Metaverse has undergone rebranding (new logo, new name, new website) and is now ready to captivate people with the amazing features it has to offer.

Countless Utilities Offered: 

Lucky Metaverse aims to pile up all utilities and incentives offered by different projects and offer them in one place. Features offered include attractive staking with a high Annual Percentage Yield. Moreover, an intermittent lottery raffle is offered to the top 150 holders of the LMETA token. Giveaways and a 5% Bonus in BNB rewards make this token even more exciting. The greatest utility offered is the 3D GTA-type game. It is a Play-to-earn (P2E) game where individuals get rewards on each level unlocked. In addition, 5% BNB dividends are paid every hour to LMETA token holders until the game gets released. The game trailer is present online and the game is already in the developmental process. The project also offers NFTs which can be used in the P2E game to complete tasks. An ultimate marketplace with a wide array of distinctive NFTs that can be used both in the P2E game and elsewhere is a distinctive feature of the company.

A Well-planned Road Map:

The roadmap of Lucky Metaverse is divided into 4 quarters. The first quarter includes restructuring, rebranding, and the launch of Metaface. The key features of the second quarter include website release, migration of old holders, the release of staking feature, first CEX listing, and release of LMETA token on 3 other Blockchains. The third quarter will see the release of the P2E game, NFT collection, and 2nd CEX listing. Lastly, in the fourth quarter, there will be a grand opening of the merchandise store, 3rd and 4th CEX listing, multichain integration, VR gallery release, and community events in VR mode. 

Tokenomics And Socials: 

Lucky Metaverse aims for fairness between old holders, pre-sale participants, and future investors. It divides the supply of the tokens in a thoughtful way that mitigates biasness towards any of the participants. With a total token supply of 1 billion LMETA tokens, 34% is allotted for presale and to maintain liquidity, 40% to the team, and 20% for staking. 6% of the total supply is already owned by previous holders. To drastically ameliorate the use and trading of the LMETA token, the project has partnered with popular cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, Meta Devs,, Pancake Swap, and Pinksale. The company aims to reach out to more exchanges shortly. 

Token Migration: 

The process of transferring tokens from one Blockchain to another due to a change in the Blockchain is called Token migration. The website contains a step-by-step guide on how to upgrade MFT to LMETA for both mobile and desktop users. The process consists of 3 easy steps. By simply connecting the wallet, selecting “migrate” and approving, one can easily get LMETA token equivalent to 100% of the MFT token. 

Lucky Metaverse is a project working inclusively on community member advice. The company has planned new surprises which will be made public in due time. The firm can easily be communicated through its pages on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, discord, and telegram. A team of courteous individuals responds swiftly to any queries of community members via its telegram chat. Lucky Metaverse is bound to become the most sought-after project in the forthcoming times.

For more information about Luck Metaverse ($LMETA), visit the project’s official website.

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