LIVALL Introduces the World’s First Detachable Open Ear Headphones

May 12 13:33 2022
After empowering the cycling and biking scene with the world’s safest and most innovative smart helmet manufacturer, LIVALL is gearing up to bring in a breakthrough sport headphones that assures a superior, seamless listening experience and absolute comfort and safety for users.

Award-winning smart helmet company, LIVALL, is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of the World’s First Detachable, Multifunctional, Multi-Scenario Open Ear TWS Headphones. Titled “LTS21”, the headphones can be used by bikers and hikers and anybody who wants comfortable headphones, whether or not you are wearing a helmet. Much to the delight of cyclists and bikers, the news comes just in time for the big riding months and warmer temperatures.

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LIVALL prides itself in being a company that listens to customers’ needs and expectations, and the very ethos has been the foundation of the development of LTS21. Per the statements of LIVALL founder, the innovative LTS21 has been uniquely designed to ensure unparalleled comfort, performance, and convenience for users.

“Many are asking about the speaker function of the smart helmet. We are developing a cutting-edge technology accessory to match perfectly with our top-selling smart helmets that many have come to love, such as the EVO21. Our team is working diligently to stay ahead in our latest innovations and offer quality products and surprises. Our latest Indiegogo campaign will allow us to provide early pricing to all of our backers. We are excited to bring our latest product and the World’s First Detachable Open Ear Headphones to the marketplace,” stated Bryan Zheng, the Founder and CEO of LIVALL.

The advanced ergonomic design of LTS21 facilitates easy airflow to ensure a seamless listening experience yet without hurting the ears. Intelligently designed, the headphone accessories will not apply unnecessary pressure on the ear or clog the ear canal. The LTS21 stands out with its multi-scenario headphones attachment.

Interestingly, the LTS21 headphones can be used in 2 modes- Sports Mode and Cycling Mode.

The Sports Mode is convenient for workout sessions, daily commute, online office meetings, gaming sessions, and even leisure hours. Thanks to the comfort-minded attachment design and extended battery life, users can conveniently have it over their ears all day long.

LTS21 is not only compatible with LIVALL’s top-rated smart helmets and BR80 Remote Control in the Cycling Mode, but also can be used without wearing helmets. Users can utilize the remote control for various functions, including listening to music, answering calls hands-free, and voice navigation. Its unique open ear listening technology enables users to stay aware of their surroundings for a safe ride even while using headphones.

One of the significant factors that keep LTS21 ahead of the curve is its innovative use of Tenon. The advanced Tenon structured design is equipped with an imported TR90 Thermoplastic Flexible frame and assures highly durable construction, supporting 2000+ assemblies.

Top features and benefits of LIVALL LTS21:

1. Bluetooth 5.2.

2. Advanced Open Ear Technology.

3. Superior Sound Quality allows clear, crisp sound that supports various activities.

4. Environmental Noise Cancellation.

5. Directional Acoustics Enhanced Privacy.

6. 12+ 48 hours of extended battery life for convenient usage for extended periods.

7. IP64 protection rating assures superior protection against dust and water.

8. BR80 Remote control operation allows a wide range of functions, ranging from skipping tracks, playing songs, adjusting volume, etc.

LIVALL LTS21 is now available for pre-order. For more information, please visit the latest Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

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