Watch out for The Dreaded Dolmus… The big blue beast who wants to gobble up anybody in his path… Or does he?

May 12 04:52 2022
Watch out for The Dreaded Dolmus... The big blue beast who wants to gobble up anybody in his path... Or does he?

Children are fond of stories, and they also love magic. Gary Chase has combined the love for stories and the quest to find a magician to establish the plot for one of the best children’s storybooks of the year.

His adorable characters Georgie and her brother James are going on an adventure. Their journey revolves around finding ‘The Magnifico Mago’, which is the title of the story as well.

The word ‘Mago’ means a magician, and the magician the kids are searching for is magnificent as well. The brother and sister team is off to search for the magician who they believe knows a story worth listening to. The book has many intriguing scenes moving the story forward with events that are interesting and full of smiles.

The book is illustrated by the author himself. The colourful illustrations have added charm to the story by aiding children to visualise the happenings in the story as if they are witnessing the scenes in front of them. The author invites children to imagine and create; his story is all about reminding us that the power to bring stories to life is in our hands, and that is the best message you can give to the next generation.

The story is published for children below 12 years and is 59 pages long. Yet, it is certain that the children would not take long to complete it, because it is definitely a page-turner for all ages.

The Magnifico Mago‘ is self published by ‘Gary Chase‘. The book is also available for purchase directly from the book’s website. You might save some as well by buying from the author directly.

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Dated: 28 Jan. 2022

ISBN: 9781838427603

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