Tungsten Carbide Market Size, Growth, and Analysis Report to 2029 | DataMIntelligence

May 11 22:55 2022
Tungsten Carbide Market Size, Growth, and Analysis Report to 2029 | DataMIntelligence
DataM Intelligence
The Global Tungsten Carbide Market is estimated to reach a high CAGR of 3.2% during the forecast period (2022-2029).

Market Overview

Tungsten carbide is made out of equivalent measures of carbon and tungsten particles. Tungsten carbide is great for modern applications due to its uncommon strength, sturdiness and hardness. Since cobalt successfully wets the tungsten carbide grains during fluid stage sintering, tungsten carbide exists as solidified tungsten carbide in ventures where cobalt tough situations the “concrete” in established tungsten carbides. Therefore, cobalt expands the strength and hardness of a sintered item by decreasing leftover porosity.

Further, tungsten carbide is two times as inflexible as steel, with Young’s modulus of 530-700 GPa and has a thickness that is close to somewhere between lead and gold. The material has a hardness equivalent to corundum and must be cleaned and finished utilizing high-hardness abrasives, for example, cubic boron nitride and precious stone powder, haggles.


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Market Dynamics

The rise in mining and construction activities acts as a significant market driver for the global tungsten carbide market. Nonetheless, the high toxicity of the respective material could be a market restraint.

Growing mining and construction activities

The mining business is blasting widely because of the developing interest in metals and minerals in different modern fragments. According to measurements, the world mining creation was 7.9 billion metric tons in 2019 and the development pace of iron mineral creation was 5.8% by 2019 and the equivalent for nickel is 31.4%.

Tungsten carbide is the picked material for mining devices, for example, carbide embeds, tungsten carbide fastens and established carbide tips, which are broadly used in the high-pressure DTH hammer boring area and can be utilized in oil penetrating, quarrying and burrowing. Tungsten carbide mining apparatuses offer a functional execution with high hardness, great wear opposition and high effect sturdiness. The tungsten carbide embeds have a high penetrating pace and a long help life, saving ineffective time, decreasing work and accelerating designing velocity and are appropriate for mining rock, sandstone and limestone, among others. Further, tungsten carbide is a penetrating piece of adornment in uncompromising stone boring or profound opening penetrating applications.

Since the mining business is seeing broad climbs and tungsten carbide is overall widely utilized in mining destinations, the mining business’ accomplished development is viewed as a significant market driver for the worldwide tungsten carbide market.


Market Segmentation

By Grade

l Rotary Drilling & Mining Grades

l Submicron Grades

l Metal Forming & Wear Grades

l Corrosion Resistant Grades     

By Application

l Machine Tools & Components

l Dies & Punches

l Cutting Tools

By End-User

l Mining & Construction

l Transportation

l Industrial Engineering

l Oil & Gas

l Aerospace & Defense

l Others


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Competitive Landscape

The global tungsten carbide market is active and dynamic in terms of the number and strength of global and local producers. Due to many manufacturers such as Sandvik AB, Kennametal Inc., CERATIZIT S.A., Federal Carbide Company, GuangDong XiangLu Tungsten Co. Ltd., JAPAN NEW METALS CO. LTD, China Tungsten, Chongyi Zhang Yuan Tungsten Co. Ltd, Merck KgaA and H.C. GmbH, the market is classified as fragmented. To achieve competitive advantages and recognition in their particular markets, significant market stakeholders use market techniques such as mergers, acquisitions, product launches, contributions and collaborations.


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