Homeowners Can Beautify Their Homes by Refacing the Cabinets

January 17 20:12 2022
Homeowners Can Beautify Their Homes by Refacing the Cabinets

A kitchen renovation is one of the most cost-effective renovation projects. Upgrading can give a dated space a new look that appeals to buyers. That’s critical, according to Homes.com experts, who say that kitchens sell homes. Fortunately, it doesn’t always take a complete remodel to create a stylish new look. Just updating cabinetry has a dramatic impact. 

While every homeowner may not have the budget to replace their cabinetry, professionally refaced cabinets can provide the same “Wow” factor at a lower cost. Refacing, also called resurfacing, allows homeowners to re-use existing frames or “boxes” if they are still in good shape. Technicians remove doors and drawers and then cover boxes with laminate or wood. They install new cabinet doors, drawer fronts, and hardware. The result is cabinets that look brand-new.  

Resurfacing Cabinets Is Cost-Effective

Updating cabinets can modernize an older kitchen and make it a more attractive space to work and play. Tearing out and replacing existing cabinetry is expensive, but experts such as Granite Transformations can provide the same benefits at a more budget-friendly price. Resurfacing is a good choice for homeowners who want to modernize their homes and then live in them for many years.  

Home Advisor experts say that refacing cabinets costs 30%-50% less than remodeling. Homeowners also save money because they can keep the same kitchen configuration. The final costs depend on which options clients choose since projects may range from simple refacing to more elaborate upgrades.

Refacing is an excellent choice for those who want the “greenest” option. According to The Spruce, resurfacing cabinets is more eco-friendly than replacing them since less material goes to landfills. Per https://www.granitetransformations.com/about-us/, a responsible contractor also uses as much recycled material as possible.

Suppliers Offer a Range of Beautiful Choices 

Resurfacing cabinets is an opportunity to choose an entirely new style. Clients can use an online tool called a Visualizer to understand how various designs could change their home. It’s easy to begin a project by visiting https://www.granitetransformations.com/ and scheduling a consultation.  

Renovation experts who provide refacing also specialize in bathroom upgrades. They offer design advice and help each client find the perfect look for their taste and budget. 

Projects Cause Minimal Disruption

It is far more convenient to reface cabinets than to replace them, and it takes much less time. Installing replacements involves demolition and carpentry work, which leaves workspaces dusty, dirty, and virtually unusable. 

Refacing usually takes two to four days, and homeowners have access to kitchens as work progresses. Even though no walls come down or windows are added, the bright new surfaces significantly change a kitchen’s appearance. 

Refacing Cabinets Is a Smart Investment 

Resurfacing cabinets is less expensive than a complete remodel or replacing cabinetry, yet it offers a significant return on investment. Despite costing less, upgraded cabinets give kitchens a modern, fresh look that increases home values substantially. 

Granite Transformations is a remodeling company that has handled more than 1 million renovations since opening its doors in 1996. Since pairing with TREND, the business has continued to branch out and provide customers with the highest quality materials. Granite and TREND Transformations is committed to helping clients make their dream home a reality.

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