Changemakers Directory & Networking Community Helps People & Organizations Connect, Create Change

January 12 22:39 2022
New Online Platform Helps Changemakers Connect and Create Change Together.

In a world where we are more connected and yet also more divided than ever before, the Changemakers Directory & Networking Community seeks to provide an online platform for people and organizations around the world to connect and create social and environmental change together.

Be Magazine Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief Melissa Turner explains that the primary goal is to help people and organizations create authentic and meaningful connections outside of the distracting and often divisive environments of social media. “We want to help people and organizations connect with others who share a similar vision for changemaking,” she says. “And we want to support them in networking and finding creative ways to collaborate and create change.”

The Changemakers Directory & Networking Community covers 12 key sectors that represent the frontlines of social and environmental change from Animal Rights & Earth Justice to Arts & Social Issues; to Conscious Business, Brands & Entrepreneurs; to Democracy, Civic Engagement & Human Rights; to Education & Lifelong Learning; to Green Building & Sustainable Design; to Health, Wellness & Lifestyle Medicine; to Nonprofits, Faith-Based, & Community Service; to Peace, Nonviolence & Social Justice; to Sustainable Living, Home & Gardening; to Vegan & Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle; to Women and Girls Empowerment & Leadership.

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