A Brief Introduction to Vinyl Plank Floorings

August 04 17:44 2021

Let’s talk Vinyl — specifically vinyl plank flooring. Vinyl plank flooring is growing in popularity in both residential and commercial applications. But what are all of these? SPC?LVT?WPC? We’ll get into LVT, some SPC and some WPC for good measure, as well as the differences between them.

When people say “vinyl flooring” many people immediately think of the sheet/roll flooring had in the kitchen of their childhood home or the stick down tiles from college – you know the ones that you ripped a hole in when you dropped stuff on them while making to watch the big game?! If that’s what you’re thinking.

The similarities between the great products offered in the world of vinyl today, and those of the past are pretty minimal: they’re both a synthetic, man-made variant, made to look like a natural material at a typically lower price-point.

However, vinyl flooring today is a highly engineered, robust product commonly referred to with those pesky acronyms: LVT, WPC and SPC.

But what are the differences? Glad you asked. This piece will help you understand the differences between them but remember – your professional partners from KANGTON know all of this like the back of their hand, and are available to any questions and address any concerns.


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