Author Donyale Dabney Launches New Book Series, “Let’s Have Church in a book; a non-traditional, innovative, and forward-thinking method of attending church”

June 09 00:57 2021

Palmdale, California – If the past year has taught us anything, it is that God will always find a way into your heart. As so many experienced the overnight changes the pandemic had on the world, many weren’t yet prepared for the closing of church doors. In many areas of the world, in-person church service was placed on a mandated hold due to the coronavirus. During these times, it has been crucial to find our own ways back into the word. It is with this understanding that author Donyale Dabney curated her new book series, Let’s Have Church…In a Book. Designed to uplift those who needed to be taught the word rather than listen to it, these pages allow readers to attend church in a non-traditional, innovative way while still following the same process as in-person service. It’s the full church experience all in one literature.

When Donyale was hospitalized during her second pregnancy, she required a two-month-long bed rest and was devastated from not being able to attend church. However, that did not stop her from her faith. This experience quickly led her to be a usable vessel to share God’s word in a creative way, unlike ever before. The series Donyale has created will provide all layers of the church, from prayer, praise worship, the word, and even an Altar Call, all directly in a book. Many of us had to experience the reality of being unable to attend in-person church, but for those who are hospitalized, on bed rest, and can’t physically have service, this is the perfect opportunity to be a usable vessel for God to use. We all want to maximize our relationships with God in a way that draws us closer to Him and the Kingdom, but the ways of the internet have often left us in confusion. When the doors of churches were closed, there was more screen time than ever before. With Let’s Have Church…In a Book, there is no glass between you and the word. Allowing Christ into your life via your mind and not an app was especially important for Donyale when she was writing this piece. “I wanted nothing more than to make a difference for believers who wanted to hear a relevant, personal, and prophetic word, a word that can be applied to their lives that will ultimately encourage them to grow and come up to another level,” she says. In honoring God’s path for her, Donyale is thrilled to present this book series, and as she intends on expanding, she does so with the promise to continue to be a usable vessel and help those who read her book do the same.


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