Design Innovative Launches “The Paintbrush Holder” To Solve problem Of Dried Out Paint Brushes

April 10 03:48 2021

April 9, 2021 – With Design Innovative’s Paintbrush Holder set to launch into the market, artists and painters will no longer have to deal with the age-long problem of brushes drying out during painting or short breaks. Design Innovative Products LLC has launched “The Paintbrush Holder” to help DIY artists, as well as professional painters, save time and money by providing adequate care for their paintbrushes.

Painting is fun and exciting for many, but not when brushes become dried-out and hard paintbrushes. “The Paintbrush Holder” is an innovative, convenient, and pocket-friendly product. It prevents the paintbrushes from drying instantly after use, thereby eliminating the need for gruesome wash-ups and restoration techniques.

“The Paintbrush Holder” is a one size fits all product. Its design allows it to hold all kinds of paintbrushes including the 1/2-3-inch versions and paintbrushes with different shapes and handle sizes. “The Paintbrush Holder” has been thoroughly tested by professional painters, leaving no scope for doubt in the performance and quality of the product.

The Paintbrush Holder” owes its effectiveness to its airtight design. Once closed, the product does not allow air to come in and dry out paintbrushes that are enclosed within. The product is durable, sturdy, and easy to use and store. Above all, “The Paintbrush Holder” is environmentally friendly, and made with recyclable materials.

“We want to thank everyone who has supported our product to this point. We feel strongly that this is an item that can improve our world and reduce paint waste and ecological chemical leaching across the world. By supporting the paintbrush holder, you are supporting a newer, greener method for painting”, says a spokesperson for Design Innovative Products LLC.

The founder of Design Innovative Products LLC, Palanik Kumaran, is a material science engineer residing in the USA. He is dedicated to creating products that will eliminate the effect of human contamination on the environment.

Design Innovative currently has “The Paintbrush Holder” on Kickstarter, where they hope to raise enough funds to make the product on a commercial scale and get it into the hands of the people who need it. Donors and backers will be eligible to receive huge discounts from pre-ordering “The Paintbrush Holder” product through the Super Early Bird offer. 

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