Sewer Line Repair Services Are Available in Bellevue, WA

November 19 09:33 2020
Sewer Line Repair Services Are Available in Bellevue, WA

Is sewer line repair necessary? There are many homeowners who try to take on plumbing issues alone; however, one may not realize that a slow-flowing drain is more than a simple fix. Issues with a home’s sewer line are serious and can lead to disastrous issues if the situation is not handled properly, by the professionals.

As with any other home repair, the sooner the problem is found and addressed, the less likely it is to cause serious or expensive damage. Keep reading to learn about the top signs that sewer line repair is needed and that a homeowner should call the team at Apollo Plumbing.

Inconsistent Levels of Water in the Toilets

If a homeowner notices that the levels of water in the toilet are fluctuating from one day to the next, it is a sign of a problem. This is not just a weird occurrence – it means that there may be a clog in the sewer system that could lead to a full backup and sewage in the house. If this issue is noticed, it is best to call the professionals at for help.

More Animals in the Yard Than Usual

Are there more rodents, insects, and other critters in the yard than usual? If so, think about what may cause this problem. In most cases, if there is a break in the home’s sewer line, sewage is going to be leaked into the yard. This is going to attract all types of critters. It is also a sign that helps is needed from

Bad Odors

If someone begins to smell sewage in the basement, the backyard, or in any other location in or around the home, it is not a good thing. It is actually an indication that the sewer system needs repairs. Sewage odors are not normal or common so should not be ignored.

Gurgling Sounds Coming from the Pipes

Strange gurgling sounds when the bathtub is draining or when the toilet flushes is not ever a good sign. It is important not to depend on plungers to correct the problem. Instead, hire a plumber to find the underlying cause of the problem and repair it properly, the first time.

Increasing Water Costs

If a homeowner notices that water costs continue to rise, one should look into why. If water use has not drastically changed and there is no other potential cause for this increase, it could be an issue in the plumbing system. The only way to get to the bottom of the increase in costs is by calling for an inspection. A plumber can find the cause of the problem and recommend the best repairs.

Do not ignore plumbing issues. Problems with a home’s sewer line are serious and can cause serious damage and health risks to those who live in the house. By taking action and investing in repairs right away, serious problems can be avoided and the cost of repairs can be reduced, which is quite beneficial.

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