How Does Golden California Regional Center Design Houses to Assist in Global Warming Efforts?

April 07 00:11 2020
Bethany Liou states that while companies seek business opportunities and wealth, environmental protection must also be carried out simultaneously and be a way of life

As the global population increases, we become more aware of necessary changes we must make to keep our planet safe.  Many human activities have contributed to global warming; the gradual rise of atmospheric temperature, the abnormal changes of climate, the massive collapse of icebergs and the relentless burning of mountain fires.

We have been gripped by several news events throughout 2019 – unprecedented ecological devastation caused by numerous wildfires in California, the Amazon rainforest wildfires, and the fires that mercilessly raged in Australia for nearly five months.  Anyone can become a refugee from the disturbing effects from climate change, which reminds us that protecting the earth is a top priority and is everyone’s responsibility!

Modern day buildings are often built with concrete and steel, but we must consider other types of construction materials.  The amount of stone and water used to make concrete accounts for a very large percentage of all global mining. 

An exploitation of natural resource could have a devastating effect on the world’s oceans and rivers.  By adjusting our thinking about the construction materials, we use, we can have a favorable outcome to help the environment.  Recently, many in the construction industry have begun to advocate for the use of traditional wood materials.

The BBC reports that wood absorbs more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than it releases, whereas the use of concrete and steel release large amounts of carbon dioxide. A recent consultation paper entitled “Biomass Energy in Low-Carbon Economy” was presented to the UK government. The report indicates that “The use of wood as a construction material… can both store carbon and displace high-carbon cement, brick and steel, so biomass energy can minimize greenhouse gases.”

Bethany Liou, leader of the environmentally-conscious Golden California Regional Center, and her project team have a keen eye for future real estate trends.  She states that “while companies seek business opportunities and wealth, environmental protection must also be carried out simultaneously and be a way of life. Now is an era of society and environment symbiosis, so the development of real estate should play its part. Our investment project, Rose Island, was designed exactly according to such environmental protection concept.”

The Golden California Regional Center and Rose Island, based on the guidelines of green energy and sustainable development, not only use high-end environmental friendly materials, but also feature elegant interior design.  Each unit is equipped with solar panels and were designed with low water consumption devices, low radiation coating on windows to minimize heat transfer, high efficiency LED (Light-emitting diode) lighting, and a 220V outlet is provided in the garages to charge the EV (electric vehicle).

Our team adheres to the philosophy that we must strive to improve our life attitudes when it comes to protecting the environment.  The Rose Island project is a prime example of the benefits of using green construction materials which have been skillfully chosen and compiled in the attached summary.  It is our hope that our carefully selected projects will create better living conditions for our society, while making significant contributions in improving our environment.

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