Ready to get protected – Protect vehicles with Paint protection film by Mr. Lacky

March 23 21:45 2020

A paint protection film is the most comprehensive defense of a vehicle that you can establish between your vehicle and all the things that can damage its appearance. We produce Paint Protection Films which are high-end resistant. Using these will protect your car paint from chips and scratches caused by rocks and road debris.

If you are going to purchase a new vehicle and you have a plan to keep it for a life time. You also want it to look the same way forever as it looked the day when you bought it, then your vehicle will need to have some protection, something like a guardian that protects it from scratches and forces of nature that decimate your vehicle’s appearance. Well, it’s time for a formal introduction to a paint protection film by Mr. Lacky that you must try.

We provide paint protection films for roof and bumper to all types and models of cars. In daily driving, it is obvious to encounter small stone splashing, branch scraping, ice and snow scratches, malicious scratches and many more things that can damage your car’s original paint. Our paint protection film protects your car from all such kinds of scratches. It can easily cope with minor external damage and can self-heal.  Paint protection films by Mr. Lacky can maintain an aesthetic appearance of your vehicle. With a common collision, it can protect the integrity of original paint.  

We are producing paint protection films to protect the heavily used areas of your vehicle, your loading sill from scratches and any other annoying paint damage. Our production in Germany produces the films by using a digital plotting process which guarantees a high degree of fit and precision shape of your vehicle.

The extremely hard bumper protector is pre-cut for your car model and can easily be removed from your vehicle, without residue, even after years. Our paint protection films offer outstanding durability and resistance. It protects your vehicle from cold, heat, moisture, ice, salt and UV radiation and keeps your paint free from damage.

Each of our models of the film has been carefully designed to ensure an optimal fit for your vehicle. Our illustrated assembly instruction and video instructions will guide you and show how to apply the film quickly and easily without bubbles.

We understand the true essence of durability and hence design these films with long time protection capability. Our high-performance protection films are specifically designed to use in vehicle sector. These paint protection films remain invisible to the naked eye if properly applied and does not inhibit the depth and clarity of original paint of the vehicle. It is crystal clear, much lighter, and has self-heal ability when scratches occur. We can say that this film is a much thinner and lightweight version of a wrapping sheet what many people call a “wrap”.

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