Thinking of Investing In Art? 5 Internationally Recognized Romanian Painters One Should Consider

October 09 02:20 2018

Romania might be geographically peripheral to the artistic reference points of Europe and the US, but it certainly makes up the distance in its relentless innovation. Each artist has its own story, but also reflects larger tendencies in the world of contemporary art.  Below we list a handful of the sought-after scintillating names in the art world who have been collectively instrumental in catapulting Romania onto an international stage.

Adrian Ghenie

In his darkly disturbing works, Cluj School painter Adrian Ghenie weaves together personal and collective memories and fears to address the traumas of 20th-century European history. His works reveal a preoccupation with 20th- century political and scientific ideologies, such as Communism and eugenics, and references to figures like Marcel Duchamp, German SS officer, and physician Josef Mengele, and Charles Darwin figure heavily in his oeuvre.

Alexandra Nechita

Alexandra Nechita is a Romanian American cubist painter and philanthropist. She was dubbed the “Petite Picasso” by the media and the art community and is widely acclaimed for  her paintings and vision of art. As far as her artistic process, Alexandra says not much has changed. “I’m  never really into starting a piece and finishing it in one sitting,” she says. “I have pieces in here, actually, that I’ve recently come across, that I did probably even before I was on ‘The Oprah Show.’”

Nelu Gradeanu

His intellectual approach made his works seen as a desirable asset and considered a must-have in public and private collections. According to art critics, rather than rendering the details of his subjects, Nelu Gradeanu found his voice in the hues he observed and used his feelings as fodder to render the underlying atmosphere of a scene. His paintings dominate the walls, they are curved yet sharply defined; they seem to stable but tumble at the same time.

Marius Bercea

He is a painter from Cluj, Romania. Bercea has been described as one of the strongest colorists of his generation. He applies color with force: a flash of orange or a scrape of ochre butts against an energetic mix of vibrating vivid greens; a lick of sumptuous brown is delicately laced with a dappling of white.

Victor Man

Hailed as the 2014 ‘Artist of the Year’ by Deutsche Bank, Victor Man is unquestionably one of the most iconic Romanian contemporaries currently working. His pieces exude a dark, mystifying and brooding character that’s been noted for its surrealist tendencies and playful attitude towards taboo.

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