Remote Temperature Monitoring for Transport and Logistics

October 08 21:15 2018

Today remote temperature monitors are playing vital roles in industries like trucking, food, medicine, pharmaceutical, and logistics. They are being used everywhere. Even smart homes and smart cars are using Bluetooth temperature sensors and wireless temperature sensors. Most businesses are adopting these devices because they help them create robust, real-time and cost-effective solutions. They can monitor temperatures for the whole life-cycle of their products without incurring sky-high costs and extensive resource investments.

Characteristics of High-Quality Remote Temperature Monitors

In a heavy-duty industry like transport and logistics, the Bluetooth remote sensors and wireless remote sensors have to weather rough use. They have to be small and compact to conserve space. They need to be easily deployable to decrease training time for employees. So modern remote temperature monitors are designed with durability, compactness, and portability in mind.

Here are some of the characteristics of great remote temperature monitors:

  • Long-Lasting Batteries help keep the units running for a long time.
  • High-quality wireless, Bluetooth and GPS sensors provide best-in-class location tracking.
  • Real-time data management helps with operational efficiency.
  • Small and compact designs help with deployment and portability.
  • Sensor designs that support high-volume environments.
  • Integration with smart devices for telematics allows teams to work collaboratively.
  • Alerts through SMS and other means keep teams informed at all times.

These characteristics also help remote temperature monitor  systems to improve the performance of your transport and logistics business.

Benefits and Applications of Using Our Remote Temperature Monitors

At Eelinktech, our team has designed a wide array of world-class products that can support the business needs of the transport and logistics industry. We have designed both Bluetooth temperature sensors and wireless temperature sensors for trucks and supply chain assets. These devices can provide reliable and flexible coverage for various components of your business. Here are some ways you can benefit from using our products:

Robust Traceability: Bluetooth temperature sensor beacons and wireless temperature sensors help transportation vehicles keep track of goods and products. Businesses can use these tools to ensure compliance with the standards of their industries. You can record temperatures from the manufacturing floor to the endpoint and create a reliable audit trail with our products.

Monitor Cold Chain Assets in Real-time: Wireless temperature sensor products help monitor cold room temperatures. Integration with mobile devices and alert systems keep product owners aware of any changes that can be detrimental to payloads. Our solutions are designed for high-volume and real-time situations. So they help you improve the cost-effectiveness of your cold chain assets.

Instant Alerts and Notifications to Prevent Problems Preemptively: Our products are built with instant notification systems that can help you always stay informed about the condition of the payloads. You can take actions to prevent possible failures and catastrophe by using our products with Bluetooth, wireless and GPS capabilities. The products are able to send alerts and notifications through various channels to keep your teams always informed about temperature changes.

Stay Ahead of the Competition: Our devices are designed to last longer and be low-maintenance. Also, we provide competitive prices for large volumes. With our Bluetooth and wireless temperature sensors, you have high ROI to stay competitive in the marketplace.

At Eelinktech, we provide high-quality products and services. Our team of experts and sales representatives are knowledgeable in every aspect of modern remote temperature monitoring. If you have any questions regarding Eelinktech products, please feel free to contact us today.

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