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January 17 18:33 2022

“SEO, SEM, ROI, ROAS, CTR, CRO…” These are just some of the acronyms one must understand if they are to implement a successful digital marketing strategy.

One could get a basic understanding of this from spending 100’s of hours crawling through books, reading blogs, doing online courses, mastering Google & Facebook algorithms, becoming an analytical genius & copywriting word wizard.

This is on top of the crushing workload that most business owners already face.

How are business owners expected to add a university-equivalent level of education & decades of industry experience in another field to their normal workload, when they struggle to even take a day off work?

Learning how to buy media, the intricacies of ‘on-page SEO’, how to write ad copy or how to build backlinks, optimize paid ads campaigns, increase conversion etc…

It’s just not possible. So rather than learn how to run their own digital marketing strategies, many just ignore it.

And with the world becoming increasingly focused on digital year-on-year, no one can say in good faith that the answer to this problem is to ‘ignore it’.

The only answer lies in partnering with a trusted organization that lives, breathes, and sleeps digital marketing.

Mash Media is one of these organizations.

Founded by marketing expert Sharney Ryan, who has a degree in Marketing from Curtin University and in Business Management from Harvard Business School as well as over 20 years of industry experience.

Mash Media, is a world-leading Full-Service Boutique Digital Marketing Agency that prides itself on being a ‘turnkey’ solution for a wide range of digital marketing needs. The Mash Media team consists of specialists in web design, development and hosting, Google Ads, SEO, local SEO and Social Media.

Their strength and successful outcomes for clients consists of a combination of digital marketing expertise & strategies and their focus on understanding the unique needs of each business.

Every business is different, from the landscape in which they operate to their product and service offerings, pricing and target demographics.

Mash Media understands these differences which is why they create a 100% unique strategy for each client. Every campaign is tightly aligned with the individual business’s marketing needs. 

Customized campaign strategies are designed to reach the clients’ ideal customers. Mash Media delivers a compelling and congruent digital marketing experience that is in line with the goals of the business. Without this tailored approach, it would be impossible for Mash Media to deliver their trademark results every single time.

In a world that is veering closer towards unprecedented levels of digital integration, Mash Media provides world-class digital marketing solutions. They help businesses ride with the digital wave, successfully, enhancing customer experience and driving real, quantifiable growth.

Mash Media has grown from its clear focus on client ROI and the delivery of successful marketing strategies. They now have offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

With a team of highly skilled experts and their personalized approach, Mash Media ticks all the required digital marketing boxes for businesses of all kinds. 

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