The measures to choose the packaging bags for candy

August 03 16:38 2021

Let’s talk about hard candies, including candy corn, Mexican candies, candy cane. When packaging this kind of candies, there are generally two ways. The first is to individually package  each piece with a small pillow pouch, and then repackaged in a master pouch for display on the shelf. Either the internal independent packaging or the master pouch is laminated with muti-layers of plastics, you can buy individual packaging bags that are made one by one, and then just fill the candies into the packaging bag and heat seal with a heat sealer. Or if you have a packaging machine, you can buy rollstock and install rollstock on the packaging machine for folding and packaging. The cost of rollstock is definitely lower than that of the finished packaging bag, but the packaging machine is expensive. Please decide based on your actual situation.


Lollipops usually wrap the head tightly with transparent plastic. This kind of wrapping packaging is made of a single layer of PP material. If you are looking for this kind of candy packaging, we recommend you directly on Google Search for PP packaging and you will find manufacturers of such packaging bags. Of course, some manufacturers will choose colorful printed laminated packaging film to pack, which is more exquisite. The Alps choose to directly put the entire lollipop into a beautifully printed packaging pouch. This packaging bag is also laminated with multiple layers of plastic film. This packaging bag can be cut and folded by the rollstock through the packaging machine, and it can also be processed by a packaging bag manufacturer. You only need to fill and seal it.


How to choose the packaging bags for candy?

How to choose the packaging bags for candy?

There are various types of candy packaging. But here we only talk about the candy pacakging bags.Depending on the type of candy, the packaging form and the selection of packaging materials are also different. Let’s introduce them one by one below.

We first classify candies from the state into hard candies, soft candies, lollipops, cotton candy, chocolate candies, jelly beans, jelly fruit, etc.


Cotton candy packaging generally choose wrapping plastic made of a single-layer PP plastic film to wrap the head. This way of packaging is same as the head packaging of the lollipop above.

The chocolate candies and jelly beans packaging are directly put into the master pouches, like stand up pouches or flat bags,fin seal pouches.

The packaging of soft candy is generally put directly into the master pouches, and then hung on the shelf for display, or standing on the shelf for display. The packaging bag hanging on the shelf is generally a flat bag, which is the simplest type of packaging bag. It only has two display surfaces on the front and back, and takes up little space. And you also can choose stand up pouches to fill in the candies and stand up on the shelf to display. You can directly buy the flat bag or stand up pouches made by the packaging manufacturer and fill it directly then seal the opening.

Packaging bags made of multiple layers of plastic film can be produced by Beyin packing. Whether you need a packaging bag that has been made and only needs to be filled or a rollstock that can be installed on the packaging machine to be folded and sealed. Each layer of plastic film laminated has strong mechanical properties, stretch resistance, friction resistance, and puncture resistance, and the plastic film used in the outer layer can also be printed with beautiful pattern, while the plastic film in the inner layer is a food grade plastic film approved by the FDA. Most candy bags require a layer of aluminum foiled film. Although all plastic films have high barrier property, which can block oxygen, moisture, dust, and bacteria from the outside, but the addition of aluminum foiled film can block Most of the outside UV light, that can effectively reduce the temperature in the packaging bag, prevent light-oxidation, and preserve the freshness of the candy for as long as possible.

In terms of design, you can make special-shaped designs, or you can design transparent windows on the packaging bags, so that consumers can see what products are inside intuitively. You can also add a zipper to the packaging bag, repeatedly open the sealed packaging bag, tear notch is needed, that can help easily tear the packaging, the hang hole can also be designed, so that the packaging bag can be hung on the shelf.

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