Fall of Barvidia: One of the best high fantasy books of 2021

July 31 04:06 2021

Author Alexander Loche has announced the release of his debut novel, Fall of Barvidia. Despite being discouraged from reading as a child, Loche discovered the magic of books after exploring the high fantasy genre. He hopes that his work will inspire others to read and connect with authors through their writing.

Fall of Barvidia follows Rooke, a young man born and raised in the fictional Scarlet Empire. After decades of War, the Scarlet Empire has fallen to the Kelmcrook Kingdom, enabling a religious organization known as the Congregation to take power. The Congregation purges the country of non-believers, enslaving those, like Rooke, who are deemed “Lost and Forgotten.”

After Rooke escapes his captors, he discovers that he has a hidden talent for magic. He happens upon one of the last living battlemages to hone his skills and learn more about his purpose. But while Rooke discovers where he fits in society, a creeping darkness begins to show itself, killing and resurrecting a dead army to turn the entire world to ash.

Fans of A.C. Cobble, Robert Jordan, and John Gwynne will enjoy Loche’s expert worldbuilding, three-dimensional characters, and thrilling stakes. Fall of Barvidia features an expansive cast and a unique system of magic that follows hereditary lines, with only seven people able to possess it at any given time. Although these unique elements add a refreshing flavor to Loche’s work, Fall of Barvidia remains true to the conventions of the genre with themes of self-discovery, exploration, and power.

Interested readers can find Fall of Barvidia available for purchase on Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble. To learn more about the author, he can be found online at facebook.com/alexander.loche.1. Alexander Loche is a 34-year-old author and Psychiatric Technician. He currently lives and writes in East Idaho along with his wife and their three children. When he isn’t writing, Loche enjoys fly fishing and spending time with his family.

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