Mango Animate Adds Colors to Words with Its Article to Video Converter

July 08 09:06 2021
Mango Animate Adds Colors to Words with Its Article to Video Converter

Article to Video
The simple editing aspects of the article to video are easy to jump in and use, without having to learn any tutorials, this allows even rookie editors to create stunning works of art.

Mango Animate’s latest solution to convert article to video with clear voice-overs and stunning animations helps add value to the content of blogs by bringing animated visualization to text. Mango Animate helps convey a story that gets embedded in the minds of users with the help of its advanced article to video visualization techniques.

Users can add different font sizes and styles while applying backgrounds, icons, and typography animations to make their stories more attention-grabbing than ever before. The article to video converter brings an advanced Text-to-Speech (TTS) feature that comes with different natural-sounding voices allowing text to be read clearly, or alternatively, use of own voice option available also evokes uniqueness in work. To cope with the difference in translation, this integrated function of software comes with several languages available to its diverse user population around the globe. Content creators can easily export their resultant work in various formats with shareable links to social media platforms.

“We want to help content makers engrave words in the mind of the audience and the article to video program serves the very purpose,” says Ivan Leung, the CTO of Mango Animate. The combination of dynamic effects of animated text along with voice-over hooks the viewers closer to the subject as compared to the conventional source of consuming articles. “attention to details can be improved through digitizing elements bit by bit,” he adds.

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About Mango Animate

Mango Animate is a software solution provider for making useful animation software programs. Services offered by Mango Animate are free to start with and can be upgraded to advanced functionalities for professional users who seek to get above-market results. Its pre-built templates, icons, voice-overs, animations, etc. provide ease of access to those looking for a base to start with, others having knowledge can build their own as well. Resultant projects can be created in most formats available in today’s day and age which are easily shareable across multiple platforms. Mango Animate strives for premium quality and believes in delivering the same every single time.

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