Mondetta Clothing Becomes Canada’s Ninth Clothing Company to be a Certified B Corporation™

July 07 19:21 2021
MPG Sport CEO and Founder promises to continue designing sustainable clothing that meets the ever-evolving needs of the people.

As the globe experiences increasingly extreme weather phenomena and global warming continues unabated, determining ways to stem the changing tide has grown increasingly urgent in recent years. One of the most destructive culprits contributing to the deterioration of the environment is fast fashion. Due to highly-developed supply chain processes, manufacturers can replicate haute couture runway trends using low-quality materials at breakneck speeds to consumers who view these products as ultimately disposable. Second-hand shops don’t reuse those discarded items; instead, they end up in landfills in foreign countries where they become someone else’s problem.

The time to rethink the way people consume fashion and clothing brands create their products is long past due. One company, MPG – Mondetta Performance Gear, fuses stylish designs with everyday functionality while using recycled, organic, and responsibly sourced fabrics. From harvesting raw materials to the way fibres become fabrics to how the textiles transform into actual garments, every phase of the production cycle must pass stringent screenings and certification to ensure each product is ethically sourced and produced without significant environmental impact. Furthermore, the company also adheres to C-TPAT regulations to minimize any terrorist threats that might infiltrate their business operations.

On top of their significant commitment to changing the way they do business to become more sustainable, their parent company, Mondetta Clothing, has become only the 9th organization in Canada to become a certified B Corporation™ and the first of its kind to run a full-scale vertical operation. The designation means the company has fostered a commitment to help lead the apparel industry into a more ethical and sustainable future and shown the world that creating economic, customer, and consumer value goes hand in hand with upholding social and environmental standards.

“Now that we’ve reached our goal of becoming a Certified B Corporation™, the work doesn’t stop here. We are committed to improving our score in ongoing B Impact Assessments while expanding our approach to sustainability across all our platforms. In addition, we will continue to design clothing that meets the ever-evolving needs of our community without jeopardizing the needs of future generations,” said the CEO and Founder Ash Modha.

The company has also established the Mondetta Charity Foundation (MCF) to give back to children living in the founders’ homelands of Uganda and Kenya. So shift to the eco-friendly lifestyle now and join MPG to B the change at

About MPG Sport

Founded in 2002, MPG continues to evolve and expand, staying ahead of market trends. Pioneering the athleisure movement, they’ve grown from an activewear brand to an all-encompassing collection — offering a range of innovative, everyday pieces with a technical edge.

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