Urbantoons’ New Children’s Book Celebrates Marcus Garvey’s Contribution to African American History

July 07 01:48 2021

PHILADELPHIA, PA – July 6, 2021 – Black Publishing Company, Urbantoons, is back at it again with the launch of a new children’s book, Black Moses: Rise of Marcus Garvey.

Black Moses: Rise of Marcus Garvey is beautifully illustrated picture biography book that celebrates Marcus Garvey’s ascent to becoming one of the greatest entrepreneurs and organizers in American history.  A Jamaican by birth, Garvey emigrated to the United States as an adult and quickly realized that black people were being overworked, underpaid and mistreated. He decided to change that by empowering Black Americans with a sense of pride, knowledge of self and business ownership.

Kyle T. Stokes is the Founder of Urbantoons and the author and illustrator of Black Moses.  He is also the mastermind behind 11 other diverse children’s books, including adaptations of popular fairy tales such as Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Pinocchio, Mansa Musa, Isabella and Peter Pan which feature illustrations that resonate with children of color.  As an artist and author, Stokes dedication to uplifting the black community has blossomed into a full-fledged enterprise that continuously churns out dynamic resources for both children and adults.

When asked about the motivation for creating Black Moses: Rise of Marcus Garvey, Stokes explained: I was introduced to Marcus Garvey at the age of 15 years old through a book called The Black StarLine. He inspired me to start Urbantoons and many different branches of business, such as children’s books, printing and publishing, black dolls, and the first African American-owned tablet. Garvey was one of the first persons to promote group economics by teaching blacks to buy from each other to keep that money in the community. I  created this book because I want to inspire the next generation by sharing Garvey’s philosophies.”

Black Moses: Rise of Marcus Garvey offers an informative, inspiring and entertaining read for kids. The vivid illustrations and engaging storyline will capture readers’ imagination and spark their interest from start to finish. The picture book biography is an excellent gift idea for parents who want to inspiring confidence, black pride and entrepreneurship in children of color and also motivate them to achieve their goals.

This diverse children’s book is available in paperback format on Amazon and on Urbantoons’ website. There is also a collector’s edition book that is signed by the author and available exclusively on Urbantoons’ website. But that’s not all. Purchases from the company’s website will be rewarded with a free 12X18 poster.

For further information or to purchase copies of the book, visit: https://amazon.com/urbantoons

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