What Differences Between Flexible PCB and Flex-Rigid PCB?

July 06 15:22 2021

First, we need to know what are Flexible PCB and Flex-Rigid PCB.

Flexible PCB, as their name, they are flexibility. Their most significant advantage is that they can be designed to suit the device or product. It means the manufacturers could no more to consider about the shape of the board when designing a product. Instead, the PCB can adapt to the item to fit into the current design.

Flex-rigid printed circuit boards are somewhere between the classic rigid PCBs and the modern flex ones. They use both types of circuitry and usually have multiple layers that use flexible or inflexible insulation as per the client’s wishes.

The choice between the two PCB types depends on your preference and your product’s needs. Both flex-rigid and flexible printed circuit boards can deliver consistent performance. That is why we should look at their various applications so that you can choose the ideal model for you.

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Image 1: Flexible and Flex-Rigid PCBs

The Benefits of Using Flexible and Flex-Rigid PCBs

Are you wondering whether it is a good idea to buy a flex or flex-rigid PCB? Check out this list of benefits that these PCBs can provide:

• A great option when you have a limited space to fit a PCB. The boards are bendy, and you can use them at desired angles. That means you can get creative when it comes to their form.

• You can order a custom shape of the board. As long as you have exact specifications for a PCB that fits your product, the chances are that a reliable manufacturer can complete your order. It is suggested to be precise in providing dimensions to ensure that the board fits your item.

• If you are working on a product or device that needs to be light and of compact size furthermore, these boards are often used in portable products.

• They are an excellent choice when you need mobility and motion. If the product you are working on will be moved frequently (for example, smartphones), you can’t expect rigid boards to provide a reliable solution. That is why flex-rigid and flex PCBs were designed as an alternative.

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Image 2: Flexible and Flex-Rigid PCBs

When Should I Use Flex-Rigid PCBs?

While flexible printed circuit boards are durable, if you want to take that durability to the next level, you will need flex-rigid PCBs. You won’t have as much adaptability, but they will provide a certain amount of motion, too.

Here are some industries in which flex-rigid boards are popular:

• Health gadgets

The primary use of flex-rigid PCBs in this field is for wearable. Smart watches and fitness trackers are equipped with these components in most cases. You can also find them in other “smart” items, such as jewelry, clothes, and even medical items. Many gadgets can be used for medical purposes, such as providing information about heart rate and other vital data.

• Industrial applications

Flex-rigid PCBs offer the best of both worlds – they have the durability of rigid boards, and they are flexible to some extent. They are strong enough to withstand extreme conditions while providing consistent performance is what recommends them for machinery. They replaced classic rigid boards in many devices to take the account to the next level.

• Commerce

You will find many stores, including both online and offline, they use advanced products to track the items in their inventory. You have probably seen or used one of these devices. They remind of a PDA, and they are portable and light so they can easily pass through the warehouse. That is why you can find both flexible and flex-rigid PCBs in these devices.

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In Conclusion

Fumax is your best choice for manufacturing your electronic products in China at lowest possible cost, but with world class quality.

At one stop turn-key solution, our key manufacturing process is involved with following process:

PCB fabrication (rigid and flexible boards)

Component sourcing

PCB assembly (Printed Circuit boards Assembly)

Finished goods assembly

• PCB boards with wires

• PCB boards with plastic enclosures

• PCB boards with metal enclosures

Our boards manufactured are wildly used on many industries, such as Industrial control, MCU control, Smart Home, Tele-communication, Automobile, Programming control, Wireless, Medical, LED control and Consumer Electronics.

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