Digital Contact Tracing Bridges the Gap as COVID-19 Vaccine is Deployed

January 11 23:24 2021

GAINESVILLE, FL – Vaccination provides protection from serious illness, but trials don’t measure how well the spread of COVID-19 is contained post-vaccination. VOS Systems, LLC, makers of AlertTrace, utilizes US-based manufacturing and development to provide digital contact tracing wearables, enabling businesses and organizations to safeguard lives and livelihoods.

With medical facilities and healthcare workers stretched thin, the promise of a vaccine for COVID-19 will provide much-needed relief. Yet if social distancing and masking efforts are not maintained, those infected yet asymptomatic could still transmit COVID-19, despite vaccination status.  Those with a vaccination, no symptoms, and a high viral load “would actually be, in some ways, even worse spreaders because they may be under a false sense of security,” said Dr.  Yvonne Maldonado, who represents the American Academy of Pediatrics at meetings of the Federal Advisory Committee on Immunization. “The more you reduce viral load, the less likely you are to be transmissible,” notes Dr. John Moore, a virologist at Weill Cornell Medicine, but “all of these are things where data trumps theory, and we need the data.”  The daily precautions taken this year will likely be integral through 2021. Combining these efforts with effective contact tracing is needed to keep businesses open and employees on the job. Providing the crucial data required to do so, AlertTrace is the versatile system to ensure safe operations.  

In addition to data collection, AlertTrace Bluetooth Low Energy wearables can also alert users of instances when they do not follow social distancing guidelines, buzzing to let the user know they are in range of another wearable, and contact has been made. Manufacturing Manager Dennis Costandino of IFM Electronic, a global manufacturer of electric sensors deemed essential during the pandemic, has been utilizing this feature with his team. “The AlertTrace contact tracing solution has delivered on its promise to keep our workforce safe,” said Costandino. “Not only do the vibration alerts remind us to social distance, but we’ve had no spread of the virus in our facility because we were able to quarantine the few individuals who came into contact with infected colleagues, without having to shut down our facility or eliminate shifts.”

If an employee tests positive for a contagious infection, the organization will view that employee’s historical anonymized contact data to alert those most at risk quickly.  With encrypted and secured data and zero tracking or GPS capabilities, employees can be comfortable with AlertTrace wearables. “Improving contact tracing should not be at the expense of invading people’s privacy, location or personal phones and should not be driven by profits at a time when small and large companies are facing tremendous organizational and financial challenges,” said Omar Ghazzaoui, Founder of Ottogee, a Techstars backed company. 

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About VOS Systems, LLC

AlertTrace is America’s most deployed digital solution to encourage social distancing and digitize contact tracing. It was developed through collaboration between two leading IoT analytics and hardware companies, Texas based OTTOGEE and Florida based BluAzu. The user-friendly and completely unintrusive system is manufactured and supported in the U.S with deployment across multiple federal agencies, department of defense branches, fortune 500 companies, schools, production companies, and other sectors.

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