Get rid of all rats and vermins in crawl spaces, with a single solution by RatSlab

November 21 17:06 2020
RatSlab is a safe, chemical-free and an effective barrier to forget all the worries caused in the crawl spaces like rats, rodents, bacteria, pests, and vermin. Moreover, RatSlab also helps with mold, water intrusion and radon gas leak and gives a clean look to the crawl spaces of the houses. Make a good use of extra space in the house by cleaning up crawl spaces.

Tacoma, Washington, USA – Unhygienic crawl spaces can cause a lot of troubles, they can possibly be health hazards and should be dealt with as quickly as possible. RatSlab offers complete protection against such hazards by providing crawl space concrete encapsulation. Using concrete as compared to other chemicals, is totally safe and has no harmful effects on health. The crawl space waterproofing by RatSlab gets rid of all the water, mold, mildew, fungus and bacteria that might have been occupied within the crawl spaces, thus making it clean and a resourceful place for the house to be used as storage areas.

With a work experience in the industry of Pest Control and Recovery for more than 20+ years, RatSlab makes sure that the customers’ needs are met, and their satisfaction is exceeded. RatSlab operates in all the major parts of Washington including Clark County, King County, Pierce County, and Snohomish County. RatSlab can also work in other areas depending upon the requirements of the clients and an availability.

Water droplets draining from a leaking pipe can stir up the formation of fungus, which can cause health diseases to the people living in the house. Sometimes the fungus gets too thick and can’t be removed using household means, at that point, professionals should be called to handle the situation. RatSlab uses waterproofing so that no fungus, mold and mildew is ever formed again.

Ignored crawl spaces can be a home to rats and rodents. These nasty vermin’s spread diseases to the residents in the house. Normally, these vermin are treated with chemicals, called pesticides. These pesticides are not good for human health and the environment; hence they should be avoided. RatSlab is an eco-friendly and safe to humans, rat extermination process that gets rid of such problems and gives a peace of mind.

RatSlab provides innovative solutions to make the houses more hygienic. The process of applying RatSlab first includes inspecting the area and searching for signs of infestation like rats, molds, nesting material and disturbed insulation. Next, the area is cleaned and deodorized. Then the necessary steps are taken if the water pipe is leaking. Before laying the concrete, a vapour barrier is installed to protect it from moisture. Finally, a layer of concrete is spread in the affected area. This concrete solves multiple problems and can never be chewed away by rats, thus making the house free of all the nasty vermin’s and health hazards.

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