Kache Monet Gets Real About The Hustle In ‘God’s Timing’

April 07 00:03 2020

Kache Monet’s latest song ‘God’s Timing’ is bursting with enough swagger and confidence to finally put the rapper/singer on the map.

He’s been making quality hip-hop works for years, but like many others in the scene, he’s needed to take the time to refind his sound, rediscover his passions, and truly realize his themes. As a result, Monet’s latest track is a firm, thrilling composition that plays off the artist’s religious convictions against the hardships he’s had to ensure in his quest for success. The most notable aspect about the track is how the first verse builds and builds on Monet’s compelling, resilient vocals only to pave the way for a smooth, velvety female-led chorus. 

The chorus’s melody is unconventional and mellow; it swerves right when you expect it to go left, it drags when you expect it to speed. The tempo is low so that we really get to digest the words being conveyed through the singer’s voice. The production effects underlining the score is tuned to the tee, so we are left feeling pleased yet wanting for more. The genre could be described as classic hip-hop and rap, with a kick of R&B thrown into the proceedings. We could almost detect the influences of 50 Cent and Usher, especially in how Monet enunciates each word so that it slams and echoes against our eardrums. He even references 50 Cent himself by pointing to his iconic album ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’. With lyrics like ‘my goal is to speak to the ones who feel defeated’, it’s clear that Monet is aware of the social and political implications of hip-hop music and he’s not afraid to get real. 

So who is this up and coming artist ready to change the game in hip-hop music? He was born as Dante Darnell Scott in Michigan and grew up beat-boxing with his peers at school. But rapping wasn’t always his first passion; he was more about making beats and producing the epic sounds. He didn’t start rapping till he was almost twenty, at which point he attended the Conservatory of Recording Arts in Arizona. Success isn’t a straight line, so Monet began recording a series of singles, EPs, and collaborations, all of which enabled him to gain more experience in the field and seek inspiration from influences.

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/6BZs2B5LIvgZbecTmZpWCU

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