Foot and Ankle Specialist Martin Klinke Helps Patients Stay Active in The New Year

January 28 09:34 2020

London, UK – Diet and exercise are among the most common New Year’s resolutions. Many people use transitioning into the new year as a starting point for making healthy changes. However, some suffer from chronic body pain and carry their condition with them into the new year untreated. With the help of Martin Klinke, a dedicated foot surgeon in London, those with foot and ankle problems can be treated quickly and get back on track with their fitness goals.

As small as the foot and ankle are to the rest of the body, untreated conditions in these areas can make everyday life feel impossible. When tendon problems, arthritis of the foot, a sports-related injury, or bunions act up, it can be difficult just to put weight on the foot, let alone stay active. Mr Klinke treats all of these conditions.

Since the average person walks over 100,000 miles in their lifetime, it’s only natural for 75% of people to suffer from some sort of foot or ankle issue during their life. Mr Klinke knows that most of these problems can go away on their own, but for the 5% that do require medical attention and treatment, he is available to help. A complete list of conditions that Mr Klinke treats is available at

Some of the most common foot and ankle issues Mr Klinke sees include Achilles tendon rupture, plantar fasciitis (otherwise known as heel pain), bunions, arthritic ankle, ankle sprain, and sports injuries to ankle or foot. These can all occur from regular physical activity.

Anyone who experiences symptoms of the above conditions should be careful to keep weight off of the foot until it can be properly examined by Mr Klinke. Instead of pushing through, Mr Klinke’s team can arrange a consultation. Medical care will lead to faster recovery and a greater capacity to reach fitness goals by the end of 2020. 

Those interested in specialised foot and ankle care can reach out to Martin Klinke, the ankle specialist in London, by phone, email, or through his website.

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