LEI.report Offers Searchable Database of Legal Entity Identifiers

December 02 13:18 2019
LEI.report is a searchable, global company database of Legal Entity Identifiers.

LEI.report contain the issued unique codes of all companies for secure financial transactions. Developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the Legal Entity Identifier is a 20-character unique code having both alphabets and numbers. 

This code is assigned to all the entities that are in financial transactions across the globe. The usage and implementation of the global LEI as a unit of the G20 mandate lead by the FSB (Financial Stability Board). The foundation is also responsible for monitoring and ensuring the security and accuracy of LEI.

You can get LEI from your LOU (local operating unit) to make your financial transactions public. The registered LEI contain information like the Country’s name, Registered address, the code for Country’s representation and their subdivision, the first and last date of LEI assignment, and more.

Furthermore, LEI is used globally, especially in capital markets, where financial regulators have mandated to report to all transactions. In fact, if reports from Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation are to believed, the use of LEI globally could save client on-boarding cost of around $2.4 billion.


The huge financial crises of 2007-2008 made regulators realize the need for having a single and unique identification code to every financial transition. The crises also highlighted the need for an accurate, common, and comprehensive system for the parties who are making global financial transactions. LEI, then, becomes the key thing in a secure financial system. 

Accordingly, the development of a global LEI system was endorsed in 2011, G20 Summit. The FSB was assigned to lead the international regulatory work and to govern the GLEI. FSB then created a framework, which comprises of ROC (Regulatory Oversight Committee) with members from more than 70 different authorities.

Furthermore, Local Operating Units (LOU) and the COU (Central Operating Unit) become an important operational branch of global LEIs. Their job is to provide an interface for the companies who wish to register for LEI. Technically, LEI is specified as ISO 17442 having the first four characters identified as LOU, the 5-18 would be an alphanumeric string, and the last two would be checksum digits.


  • It minimizes risks that are associated with financial transactions
  • With LEI, you can reduce the administrative and information gathering costs
  • It increases transparency, as with LEI, it is easy to identify financial frauds, market manipulations, and other acts.

Global LEI is currently in the evolutionary stage, and while many financial and operational issues (especially the cross border ones) are ironed-out, LEIs are now functional in many countries.

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