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December 02 10:06 2019

Nama Fiji is excited to announce the launch of their skincare range in the U.S. at Nama Fiji skincare products have been sold in Luxury Five Star Hotels and Spas throughout Fiji for over 15 years. Due to demand, the Nama Fiji brand is going global. After a rebrand and much anticipation, the Nama Fiji formulas are focused on enabling longer lasting hydration due to its hero ingredient, nama (“sea grapes,” Caulerpa racemosa) in extract form. Nama, a special species of seaweed, is sourced and sustainably harvested in the blue, pristine lagoon waters of the Yasawa Islands in Fiji. 

Nama Fiji’s history goes back to the early 1990s when Debra Sadranu moved to Fiji to establish a Spa School and Senikai Spas, now a chain of spas in Luxury Hotels and Resorts. Spa Academy Fiji, now a CIDESCO International accredited school, sponsors, trains, and provides students with workplace training. Many are single mothers, often from remote and rural areas. The Nama Fiji brand is founded on the passion to support women in Fiji gain access to training and employment to improve their quality of life. 

The Nama Fiji product range was designed to provide lasting hydration and nutrition to all layers of the skin to promote a radiant, healthy complexion. Through a partnership with James Cook University in Australia, it was verified that nama, a long time local Fijian delicacy, has incredibly beneficial properties for the skin due to its high concentration of minerals and vitamins when compared to other types of seaweed.

Being mission driven, Nama Fiji built the world’s first sustainable nama harvesting program with support from the Australian Government. The sustainable nama harvesting program was designed to create opportunity for the women of the Yasawa Islands. It generates a new income source to compliment that of the traditional village system and safeguard an important natural resource in a pristine environment.

Women harvesters spend up to 8 hours in the water, 3 days a week, hand picking the wild nama “sea grapes”. Nama regenerates rapidly (within 3 weeks) and harvesting the nama does not negatively impact the ecosystem. The purchasing of Nama Fiji products helps to change their lives and the lives of those around them.

Nama’s high concentration of minerals and vitamins provides a powerful solution that hydrates and firms the skin, combats dullness and aging, diffuses redness and soothes the skin. The formulas are targeted towards those who deal with dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin, whether that’s from eczema, rosacea, or generally mature skin. However there’s something in the range for everyone. 

Nama being a seaweed, is rich with minerals (trace elements). These trace elements can be used to maintain the ionic potential of our cells, by acting on the concentration gradient via osmosis, a natural biological process. Nama’s higher concentration of mineral salts when compared to other types of seaweed, are able to permeate the cell membrane, keeping our cells hydrated (intracellular, or within-cell, hydration). Nama’s beneficial minerals also increase our cells metabolism to counteract cellular aging. 

Nama Fiji is looking forward to the journey ahead as they embark on exciting partnerships and expansive international plans. Distribution to the UK is on track for early December, with Australia and New Zealand targeted for right around the New Year. For those in the U.S., enjoy Nama Fiji’s special Cyber Monday promo code CM2019 through December 2, 2019, and receive 30% off sitewide. 

Nama Fiji Cyber Monday Sale: 30% off all products sitewide.  Use code CM2019 at checkout:

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