Classic Girl Clothing Dresses are Lovingly Designed for Young Girls That Brings Joy and Delight to Both Girls and Their Parents

November 11 22:21 2019
Classic Girl Clothing Dresses are Lovingly Designed for Young Girls That Brings Joy and Delight to Both Girls and Their Parents
Classic Girl Clothing is San Francisco-based Clothing Company for Timeless Elegance, Flattering Fits, Twirling Skirts, Plus Easy Wash and Care for Your Young Girls. The Company is Marking Its Third Year in Business and Pave Its Way to Success by Satisfying Mothers and Daughters Alike.

San Francisco, CA, United States – Classic Girl Clothing is a clothing brand based in San Francisco. The founder of the company, Krista Loretto, was inspired by her own daughter and a quest to find clothing for her that was everything she needed it to be: as timelessly beautiful as the dresses worn by her favorite classic silver-screen movie stars, age-appropriate, versatile, a delight to wear, and easy to care for. The idea to establish a clothing business for girls emerged when Krista’s daughter didn’t want to wear the fashion and clothing styles that are offered by most brands today. Her daughter felt the clothes of today were too mature, not fun or beautiful and definitely not soft. It was then Krista decided to make classic style dresses for her daughter that are elegant and high quality. This was the beginning of Classic Girl Clothing, a timeless and fashionable brand for little girls.

The dresses made by Classic Girl Clothing are designed keeping in mind a kid who loves to run, play, and have fun. For this purpose, the dresses are made utterly practical and wearable on many different occasions. The fabrics used to make these dresses are selected with the utmost care, to make sure that they hang right and wash well. Each fabric processes through a careful wash test before it is selected to use. The source of inspiration is influenced by a love of Audrey Hepburn, an ever-growing collection of vintage dresses and vintage dress patterns, and above all a passion for empowering girls to be confident and follow their dreams. The dresses are sewn in a local factory in San Francisco, for the highest quality and ethical production. 

In a society like America, it is difficult to find a style that is accepted and loved by both mothers and daughters – set aside the made in USA quality and reasonable prices. Classic Girl Clothing is ensuring to provide all of that by making high-quality; highly fashionable; classic girl dresses available to its customers at a reasonable cost.

Classic Girl Clothing marks its third year in business and it has been progressing ever since due to positive response from its customers. The company also has an online presence where the dresses and accessories to wear with the dresses are showcased. The website ( is very well-organized, it divides dresses into categories, making it easier for the customer to identify which dress to select. Some of these categories are girl party dressesgirl’s Christmas dress, and twirling dress, etc. The website also posts blogs that update its customers on upcoming dress styles, advise on accessories to wear with the dresses, and general behind the scenes. The blogs provide context to these dresses and thus make the process of selecting a dress easy.

You can visit the website today and get to know more about Classic Girl Clothing and how it integrates with modern style for a perfect match.

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