Leading Blockchain 3.0. Successful Completion of UENC (Universal Energy Chain) Product Launch

October 31 21:57 2019

On October 27th, UENC (Universal Energy Chain) held its product launch with fruitful results in Digital China Conference Center in Fuzhou city, Fujian province:


Latest product from UENC-SPV, Simplified Payment Verification

There were more than 800 attendees for this conference, among which more than 40 are the core members of UENC, i.e. partners of UENC and nodes founders nationwide such as Global Capital Group, Yide Capital, Huitong Tianxia Capital, Shangxi Club of Jingzhou, Kunlun Club, Shanshui Capital, Shangshan Ruoshui Capital, Shengyi Capital, Wanneng Tongda Capital, Yu Xingda Capital, Yuzhou Tonghang Capital, Yunxi Blockchain Capital, Northeast Nodes, Yuanheng Lizhen Club, Stars Club, China Rongyi Capital, Hongyu Capital, Chongbo Capital, CHAIN PASS Capital, Xiangma Community, SPECIAL COIN Capital, Bayan Naoer Club, One World Capital, Peach Capital.

Other guests of honor also presented this event. They are: UENC co-founder Jason Shen, renowned film director and BTC early investor David, founder of Ignite Capital, founder of 365EX Exchange Fan Tianjiang, chief operating consultant Kevin, executive director of UENC Huang E Feng, COO of UENC China Guo Jie, founder of Crypto Capital Zhang Jun, founder of Hong Lian Finance Zi Mu, founder of Jian Dan Finance Shen Dan, etc.

The guests made keynote speeches on topics of the opportunities, challenges, status quos and potential of blockchains, as well as on the technology of the latest products of UENC and its long-term development blueprint.

As it was the debut of the initial product of UENC, the product launch attracted the attention of more than 100 media for coverage, such as Hong Lian Finance, Jian Dan Finance, Golden Finance, Huo Xing Finance, Block Technology, Bi Shijie, Tuo Niao Blockchain, COINVOICE, Er Duo Finance, etc.

Meantime, it was the strategic contracts signing with Crypto Capital, Hong Lian Finance and Global Capital by EUNC that culminated in the entire conference, which purpose is to collectively build a prosperous global UENC ecosystem.

Co-founder of UENC Jason Shen

Jason Shen, co-founder of UENC, made a speech titled Future Mission of Pioneers of Blockchains. In his speech, he started off by extending congratulations to the completion of targets in first phase of UENC, and expressing his thankfulness to individuals who made contributions to this system. It is Jason Shen’s believe that blockchains will be the trend of modern society, where each individual would need mechanisms of social productivity with features of openness, equality, and transparency. The coming three to five years would be the prime time for the development of blockchains.

He mentioned that UENC has been working on inter-chain, whose mission is to make accessible the use of digital capital to each household in most economical, convenient, dependable, and efficient way. Traditional enterprises or internet corporates will find useful links on the supplying chains of UENC, which enables an open, equal and transparent environment. To empower valuable blockchains is what UENC teams and its technology aspires. The efforts UENC has been making over a year has made it possible a global leader in technology. The footing work of public blockchain and the advent of Simplified Payment Verification have marked the readiness of the application of this product.

What the technological features and edge UENC has were shared among attendees. He mentioned that the distributed storage system of UENC consists of fusion drive and interleaving, which has higher speed of data access and storage.

At the same time, UENC has also developed an innovative DPOW algorithm, which can achieve a transaction speed of more than 100000 TPS under laboratory conditions. In terms of the underlying design, UENC also allows for the ecological and community users to a greater extent, and pays attention to the incentive mechanism of user participation and contribution. He also shared UENC ‘s three phase mission objectives in terms of technology. At present, UENC has completed the task objectives of the first stage: to develop and complete the hierarchical fusion framework, to build a basic public chain system based on DPOW consensus algorithm, and to build a global blockchain node network.

“UENC is an extensible basic public chain system with cross-chain research as its technical direction. We design its basic framework based on the concept of equal, open and extensible technology development. We believe that any network structure, consensus algorithm and reward mechanism with advantages can enter the main UENC network through a consistent interface. In the future, UENC main network will be a basic blockchain suite of open, integrated, customizable and extensible features,” he said.

As the chief technical consultant of UENC, Jiang Zhiyu (Ph.D.) from the United States also conducted remote interaction with the site. In the speech “prospects of blockchain technology field”, he first introduced the latest concepts from Silicon Valley, as well as the integration and interaction value of blockchain with cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of things and other sectors. At the same time, he thinks that in the blockchain, different chains cause the inability of protocols to communicate with each other and the failure of data sharing, which brings about the problem of “data island”. UENC is committed to solving this problem. Through the interaction with Silicon Valley, it can make the energy chain become the value chain for interconnection among various chains.

David, a well-known director in Hong Kong and an early investor of BTC, said that blockchain is another great technological revolution after the industrial revolution. At the same time, he also vividly illustrated the value and application scenarios of UENC in the investment field through the examples of film and television investment and “buying cakes”. He believed that all consumption can be transformed into a sharing economy through blockchain.

Fan Tianjiang, founder of Yige capital and 365ex, introduced the development process and historical significance of blockchain from the birth of bitcoin. He analyzed in detail the inevitable causes and future impact of blockchain mentioned by President Xi Jinping on October 24th, during the study with the collective members of the Central Standing Committee. He believed that this would undoubtedly promote the better and faster development of blockchain.

Huang efeng, executive director of UENC, said that the Internet has brought us the rapid development of information. However, driven by commercial interests, data privacy and security risks are constantly emerging. With the characteristics of decentralization, multi-party consensus, difficulty to tamper with, anonymity, traceability, fairness and sharing, blockchain can provide a reliable and stable solution to a considerable extent. Solutions to meet people’s needs for information security are also important. The continuous update and development of blockchain technology will continue to reduce the cost of trust and create more efficient and credible social activities between people. UENC will follow this development mission and create a vision of interconnectivity of trusted data. With the advancement of technology development, UENC will be widely used in various fields, adhering to the highly decentralized thinking, to create data storage solutions of higher efficiency, security and scalability. Through strong scalability and cross chain technology, we will be able to build a strong ecological network system. In the future, UENC will continue to make efforts in building a global network of high value from three aspects: decentralized exchange, ecological development and digital asset application.

Kevin, chief operation consultant of UENC, introduced “the core and planning of UENC operation development” in detail. He said that the release of UENC SPV marked the completion of the first stage goal. The project has reached the forefront of blockchain 3.0. based on the decentralization, real-time transaction, user asset security and privacy protection technologies of UENC.  The next two or three stages, he said UENC will focus on bitcoin cross-chain until bitcoin network integration is completed, to realize the mortality miracle of bitcoin.

In the next stage of operation planning, UENC eco product promotion meetings will be held in conjunction with city nodes clubs. Product promotion conferences revolving initially around education will start from from Fuzhou to the whole country and the world. UENC SPV product launches will be held in more than 20 cities in succession. More blockchain enthusiasts will be encouraged to join UENC ecology with continuous transformative promotion.

Guo Jie, chief operating officer of UENC China, has shared from the perspectives of his own experience and the witnesses and participants of the growth of UENC, the importance of learning and thinking as an individual when facing opportunities in the era of information, and the significance of providing education and service from communities. Also, for the sustainable development of UENC, Guo Jie announced three development plans for eco communities: providing service to community members, excellent lecturers’ improvement, and extending overseas service at abroad with South Korea as the first stop. Strategy such as starting from rural areas will be adopted to create a learning community of large population, extensive land coverage, strong inter-dependence and high cognitive ability.

Roundtable forum

In the round table, Jason Shen, David, Fan Tianjiang, Kevin, Zhang Jun, Huang efeng, Guo Jie, Zi mu, etc. took the stage together and expressed their views on the policy supervision, opportunities and challenges of the blockchain. This round table was chaired by Shen Dan, founder of Jiandan finance and economics. The views of the guests at the round table were brilliant and won applause from the audience.

During the round table meeting, Huang efeng, executive director of UENC, mentioned her views on blockchain highlighted in the 18th collective learning of the Political Bureau of Central Committee. She said that there are three points that are very important, first, technology (it was stressed that technical innovation and independent development of blockchain should be prioritized, and UENC will continue to develop its technology to a full extent); secondly, the cultivation of talents; the third is the supervision (the responsibilities of practitioners should be clear in line with the direction of national policy). And how to judge the advantages and disadvantages of blockchain projects from the perspective of media? According to Zimu, founder of Hongchain Finance, we can refer to some indicators, for instance, technology edge, the ability to solve the pain points of individuals, and the competence to construct and operate communities.

Product launch ceremony of UENC

The meeting ended in a warm atmosphere of exchange. The end of the product launch announced the overall success of the first phase of UENC. It is believed that in the future, UENC will continue to bring out its best to develop blockchains to a deeper degree and to explore harder in this industry. The building of consensus and expansion of territory will enable it to become the leader of blockchain 3.0.

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