CLERO HOLDING: An Emerging Competitor in Cord Blood Banking and Stem Cells Industry

October 31 02:12 2019

New York – October 30, 2019 – Cord blood and cord tissue contain different types of stem cells (Hematopoietic and Mesenchymal stem cells) that can convert into any type of determined cells.. They have the power to repair your body. Global stem cell industry is dominating the healthcare industry with its reliable and cost-effective method of treatment with fewer side effects. Global stem cell umbilical cord blood market accounted for $ 6.5 billion in 2012 and is projected to reach $ 56.4 billion by 2020 registering a CAGR of 33.4% during the forecast period.

Government authorities are supporting the research and clinical trials of cord blood stem cell, which is currently increasing the interest of healthcare companies to invest in research and commercialization of cord blood and tissue stem cell therapies. This is set to propel the growth of cord blood and tissue stem cells in near future. Cord blood stem cell is the only type of stem cell that is stored in controlled condition due to its lower volume higher cell count feature. Storage service segment is expected grow at 33.4% CAGR from 2013-2020 in the global stem cell umbilical cord blood market.

Intense competition among stem cell and cord blood market players has been witnessed with the companies trying to create brand awareness. This is therefore, compelling the market players to formulate market based strategies.

CLERO HOLDING is also an emerging competitor in the field. Registered in the United States and starts to give tough times to the competitors of global stem cell umbilical cord blood market. The industry holds a chain of several reputed aesthetic clinics spread in different part of the world including Qatar, Bahrain, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Philippines

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…”We will be using Adult Autologous Adipose-derived Stem Cells (ADSC’s) to provide care for patients suffering from chronic conditions that may benefit from adult stem cell-based regenerative medicine,” expressed Dr Clero. Stem cell procedure followed by CLERO HOLDING is developed by International Board of Regenerative Medicine and Bio-Cosmetic Surgery which involves the initial screening, examination and evaluation of every potential candidate for stem cell investigational therapy by physicians. 

“Actually” commented Irina Duisimbekova, “CLERO HOLDING protocol allows to comfortably, safely harvest the stem cells of the patient himself”. The most significant advantage of using one’s own fat as a source for the stem cells is that the procedure can be done in an out-patient setting (no hospital admission required) in around three hours. One’s own stem cells do not need to be sent out for processing – and – there is no need to travel to have stem cell therapy.

Apart from technology the real strength of CLERO HOLDING comes from the team of experts led by Dr Pierre R. Clero MD. The chairman and founder of the industry Dr Dr Pierre Clero is a French cosmetic surgeon and a renowned Age Management Expert. He is also an International Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon, International Member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, Member of the International Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and the President of the International Board Regenerative Medicine and Bio-Cosmetic Surgery, Stanford University certified in Stem cell and genetic therapy

He joins forces with Irina Duisimbekova, the Co-Founder & Partner of the holding which has intense international experiences in structuring and developing B2C business models and companies and both attached the Board Advisory Services of Alexandre Katrangi, the Fortune 500 Advisors.

Dr Clero is also the author of best seller “Stop the Clock” “Winning Strategy to a Longer and Healthier Life.” The world-renowned scientist, researcher and a speaker on Age and Weight Management, Dr Clero has brought his French “Touch of Class” and vast experience all over the world, travelling extensively to always extend his experience. Dr Clero holds the philosophy that the aging process is considered universal among the living world but there are exceptions, Seagulls are one. Older Seagull moves as fast as young Seagulls. When the lifespan of a seagull is up, it simply falls into the ocean and dies. No seagull has ever suffered from arthritis, stroke, heart attack or angina. This what regenerative medicine is all about.

The creation of Stem cells and cord blood industry rests on the promise of stem cell based regenerative medicine and marks the capitalization of human tissues within a future-oriented “regime of hope.” The rapid development of stem cell technology has stimulated a high level of interest about the economic potential of cell-based therapies among both social scientists and policy makers. CLERO HOLDING is acting as mediators of hope in what might be called a “promissory bio-economy”. The industry has been successful in fulfilling the expectations surrounding cord blood stem cells and the flows between stem cells and cord blood industry and different forms of bio-value.

The collaboration of Dr Clero’s expertise with the technology of CLERO HOLDING, the industry is set to give a tough competition to other competitors of stem cells and cord blood market. The future of CLERO HOLDING is mobilized in the present to promote innovation and technical change and to stimulate consumer markets. At the same time, future hopes of the industry rely heavily on past and current achievements. It is working to build promises on previous successes and the confidence that these will be repeated.

Cell therapies, Regenerative Medicine harness the power of our own body as new “drug” that will not nearly alleviate our symptoms but actually cure diseases. 

In conclusion and to make it short, Dr Clero moto would be: imagine a world of longer and healthier lives where we will “DIE YOUNG AT AN OLD AGE!”

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