3D Without Glasses! Patented Tech To Disrupt Home Viewing & Gaming Markets – psHolix Welcomes Traditional & Crypto Investors

October 30 03:06 2019

3D viewing is coming to the home viewer, via psHolix’s patented the pseudo-holography display technology. While many first assume this means expensive equipment that will be useless for anything else, giving it limited appeal, psHolix’s technology provides a solution to bring 3D into the average home that is both practical, and accessible.

That’s why psHolix‘s 3D technology has true potential for mass adoption by the home user – one screen plays all your videos! The same screen can be used to play regular video content, then instantly used to playing content recorded in 3D – all without requiring anything from the viewer. psholix just won the prize for the best display at the Korean Display Society Award, sponsored by Samsung.

Get in on the ground floor:

psHolix, the award-winning, cutting-edge Swiss display technology company, is now raising funds on the Hybse Exchange, & everyone can grab a huge discount.

Exciting news just in for crowdfunding investors, crypto investors, gamers, and everyone interested in revolutionary cutting-edge 3D technology. psHolix is now offering highly advantageous discounts, and even more good news, there is no minimum investment, so this opportunity is open to absolutely everyone.

The shares of the Swiss company psHolix are crytonized. There is a real share behind the cryptonized share. And the best part, psHolix is paying dividends, so profits without selling any coin is very desirable. psHolix combines the best of both worlds. A real asset distributed on the blockchain. This solution is attractive for Traditional and Crypto Investors.

No Minimum Investment Required

Everyone wants to experience high quality 3D without glasses, and now patented breakthrough technology by psHolix, has made this a reality. Over 2 Million USD have been invested so far, and unlike many other companies which only give opportunities to wealthy investors, in the spirit of global equality in technology for all, the team at psHolix made the decision to empower everyone, so they can get in on the ground floor of this brilliant 3D revolution, and make any size investment, no matter how small. Investments can easily be done via bank transfer, debit card, credit card, Bitcoin (BTC) and Nem (XEM).

Transforming the Hugely Popular Gaming MarketThe global demand for spatial displays is colossal. For example, the gaming market, which is predicted by market researcher, Newzoo, to be worth over $180.1 billion by 2021, is rapidly becoming stronger than ever. But in order to give users the best possible experience, it needs holographic displays, and psHolix has the tech to transform any game into a 3D Game. Indeed, all video games should have the capacity to be played holographically, and in the future, consumers are unlikely to want anything less.

Next Generation AI-Driven Display Technology

Based on its state-of-the-art technology behind its eyewear-less 3D displays, psHolix has build the following technologies: Virtual Reality (VR, AR, MR) Headset Software – autonomous car software, and all their demo products are ready. The company’s patented technology offers 1,000 times more perspectives than the competition, and to that end, a far better natural perception. It has conducted 12 years advanced research in autostereoscopy. Further, it offers the highest fidelity in its spacial viewing experience for everyone everywhere (no transition zones, multi users, and no need for head tracking).

Other Advantages

psHolix is compatible with all contents (Games, TV, DVD, YouTube, and so on). Autonomous driving and flying vehicles will be also transformed by pioneering psHolix software to provide more detailed and clear spatial information. Moreover, the software is well-matched for all technologies (2K, 4K, 8K, LCD, OLED, HDR, Retina etc.). Further, it offers 2DTV backwards compatible with the highest resolution. The health advantages of no headaches or eye strain for users who watch 3D content over long periods of time. The technology has the advantage that it can be applied on all resolutions and sizes. Simultaneous 2D and 3D is possible in just one window, without any loss of quality.

psHolix also offers a multi-viewer solution, so that everyone can see the same spatial content in front of the screen. There is a far better depth perception with stereo based extension (the image seems deeper), and a cool walk around effect. Moreover, viewers enjoy 2D and 3D in perfect HD quality, and a clear image everywhere, as there is zero ghosting, because of invisible transition zones. Further, the technology is compatible with all content, and image quality improvements (HDR, HDR+, etc.). There is no limit in screen sizes, and it works on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, TVs, etc.

First Round Fundraising Is Open Now – Early Participation Incentives!

The investment rounds are as follows:

Period 1 (20% discount): October 28 — November 10.
Period 2 (15% discount): November 11 — November 24.
Period 3 (10% discount): November 25 — December 8.
Listing and Live Trading will take place on December 9, 2019.

Participate now @ www.psholix.com/ibo

Company Overview

psHolix now owns more than 57 global patents, putting it at a clear advantage to potential competitors. The inventor of the technology, Dr. Naske worked for 10 solid years on this project, before it was merged into psHolix AG. psHolix AG was founded in 2015 and is based in Basel, Switzerland. 

Contact Information:

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Contact via Email: www.psholix.com

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