Komrads, an Eco-Friendly Twist to a Timeless Sneaker Design

October 30 02:36 2019

Control Your Environmental Footprint with Komrads Sustainable, Apple-Leather, Vegan-Friendly Sneakers.

When it comes to the environment, many individuals and governments are realizing their responsibilities and putting their best foot forward in creating a more sustainable future. Komrads World is a company that’s been producing sustainable sneakers since 2015. The company has a dream to craft fashionable sneakers that do not cause harm to the environment or end up being manufactured in sweatshops. Komrads has come up with a sneaker that’s not only comfortable but has been built entirely from recycled materials, making it the world’s most sustainable and eco-friendly sneakers.

Komrads is proud to be part of the solution to global warming and climate change. We are doing this by designing eco-friendly footwear that is 100% sustainable, 100% vegan, and 100% fashionable. These sneakers have taken us more than a year of trials and errors to perfect and get right. Our designers have married out-of-the-box thinking with the latest technologies to create a sneaker that, for once, is a part of the solution.” – Mark Vandevelde, Co-founder.

These revolutionary new sneakers by Komrads have a lot going for them. The sole of the sneaker has been designed from 100% recycled rubber used from old car tires. The brand is proud that its entire production is located in Portugal.

We are extremely proud of our line-up of sneakers that are 100% ecologic, which makes them the “logical” option for those who are looking to contribute to creating a safe and sustainable environment for future generations. Our sneakers are colored with ecological paint and contain no harmful chemicals. The complex processes and methodologies used to transform apple waste into modified leather make our sneakers 100% vegan and safe for the environment. In fact, Komrads is at the forefront of this new, revolutionary technology that’s the perfect alternative to traditional animal leather.”

When it comes to the sneaker’s design, the circle logo on the side represents the company’s dream to be part of a circular economy. The sneakers are available in four colors: iron black, apple green, ocean blue, and earth red. The sneakers feature an Arnetech insole, which is a 100% breathable, anti-static recycled foam for added comfort and hygiene of your feet. 

The anatomical construction of these sneakers has a futuristic look. The sneakers offer a stylish edge along with added function and stability. A fine line separates the upper from the heel while the thick outsole adds an element of elevation and maturity to the overall design.

I would be remiss not to acknowledge the vast amount of positive support that we have received from our supporters and fans of our eco-friendly sneakers made from apple eco leather. As a token of our gratitude, we are offering a number of rewards for those who contribute to our cause. Our rewards include the Super Early Bird Package and the Smart Follower package that can get you a full 25% discount (89 euro instead of 119 euro). We are also offering a Twin pack package for a pledge of $167 that will get you 2 pairs of sneakers of your choosing from Komrads World. 

The company has managed to garner a lot of attention with many people showing support for their eco-friendly and sustainable sneakers. The owners now aim to grow their production capacity to meet with the growing demand for their ecological sneakers. 

Pre-orders will allow us to finance the production of our new line of footwear. Our main development costs will come from the fabrication of molds and the high order minimum of our providers of materials: apple leather, recycled rubber, etc. Your contributions can help us not just meet but go beyond this objective, which will enable us to build a stock while working on new designs in the near future. We know that we can count on you to realize this dream. So order a pair of KOMRADS now, change the world and get a special launch price!”

For more information, visit: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/komrads-apl-the-sneaker-made-out-of-apples–2#/

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