Original Saigon Restaurant Provides Top Toowoomba Restaurant

October 28 18:33 2019
Original Saigon Restaurant Provides Top Toowoomba Restaurant
In the cultural city of Toowoomba, Original Saigon Restaurant offers a top Vietnamese cuisine dining, takeaway and delivery options in the city. Original Saigon Restaurant provides Vietnamese meal options for those seeking classic Vietnamese food, vegan, or even gluten-free.

Toowoomba City, QLD – Toowoomba is a cultural city located in Queensland, Australia that features a wide variety of tourist destinations. Along with the variety of tourist destinations, the city is home to many different restaurants from different cultures. One of the newer restaurants in the city is Original Saigon Restaurant. Original Saigon Restaurant is a Vietnamese cuisine restaurant that services lunches, late-night dinners, as well as take away foods. This new Vietnamese restaurant is a family-owned restaurant focused on Vietnamese cuisine, thanks to their top of the line Vietnamese chefs. With their authentic, healthy, and fresh offerings of Vietnamese food, Original Saigon Restaurant is the top Vietnamese restaurant in Toowoomba.

Original Saigon Restaurant offers a wide variety of authentic Vietnamese dishes including some fan favorites such as:

PHO – Classic Viet Noodle Soup: This dish is a mixture of beef bones that enrich the soup along with onion and charred garlic along with cinnamon and star anise. The broth is brewed for many hours overnight before it is mixed with thin slices of beef that are cooked in the broth along with fresh chilies, Thai basil, and crispy bean sprouts.

Bun Noodle Salad: Bun Noodle Salad can be eaten as a light dinner or even for a quick lunch. The meal is a noodle salad that is a combination of juicy meat and rice noodles that are garnished with fresh herbs. Bun noodle salad is popular during all types of weather and is one of the most popular dishes in Vietnam.

Banh Mi: This meal is a combination of European cuisine and Vietnamese flavors. Banh Mi is a fresh crispy French baguette that is filled with Vietnam pate, chili, and sauce. Typically, the meat filling consists of pork, but options do include chicken, cucumbers, carrots pickles, or coriander.

In addition to their classic Vietnamese and fan-favourite dishes, Original Saigon Restaurant offers vegan and gluten-free dishes. The bun noodle salad, Pho classic Viet noodle soup, and rice paper rolls are all popular dishes that fall into the category of being gluten-free. The vegan dishes offered by Original Saigon Restaurant feature vegan banh mi, vegan rice, bun noodle salad, vegan fried rice and vegan stir fried noodles. Original Saigon Restaurant has meal options for all types of eaters and strives to make their authentic Vietnamese cuisine as healthy as possible.

For those seeking Toowoomba Restaurants with healthy meals that offer take out, dine in, or delivery service, Original Saigon Restaurant is the top Vietnamese food option. Original Saigon Restaurant is located at 286 Ruthven Street in Toowoomba City and can be contacted at 0745891580 or via email at info@originalsaigon.com.au. For more information regarding this top Vietnamese restaurant in Toowoomba, visit their website. 

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