How Americans are Selling Houses Without a Realtor

October 25 02:00 2019
How Americans are Selling Houses Without a Realtor

Increasing numbers of homeowners are looking into selling their house on their own when the time comes to move somewhere else. While a for sale by owner listing is possible, it does require quite a bit of work. Homeowners who are interested in selling their home by owner will want to learn more about the process before getting started. 

Look Into Comps for Your Neighborhood

It’s a good idea to start by looking at the comps for the home before doing anything else. The comps are what nearby, similar homes have sold for in the past few months. Depending on the rate of home sales in the area, it may be necessary to look at homes that were sold within the last year, that aren’t quite in the same neighborhood, or that have different features and adjust as necessary. 

Choose the Right Price for the Listing

The right price makes all of the difference for home sellers. If the property is priced too low, buyers may skip over it assuming something major is wrong with it. If the property is priced too high, it might not gain much interest from potential buyers. Instead, homeowners can opt to sell their home to a company like FIT Acquisitions to ensure it sells quickly and for a fair price. 

Start Preparing the House for Showing to Buyers

Before putting the house on the market, it’s a good idea to start prepping it for the sale. Potential home buyers or a “we buy houses company” will likely want to take a look at the home before they make an offer. Clean the home thoroughly, make sure everything is organized, and remove any clutter from the home before it’s listed for sale. 

Market the Home Online and Locally

Home sellers who want to sell by owner are going to need to manage the marketing of the property on their own. This means they’ll want to learn about marketing homes online and how to advertise locally. Done right, this makes the pool of potential buyers much larger. Homeowners looking to sell and who don’t want to market their home can check out websites like

Hire a Real Estate Attorney

Even though the homeowner is seeking to sell the home on their own, they are going to need some help. They will want to make sure they hire a real estate attorney to review the sales contract, review other necessary paperwork for the home, and make sure there are no issues with the transaction. 

If you’re planning on selling your home by owner, make sure you understand what this process involves and what you can do to make the entire transaction easier. Take the time to look into comps, how to market your home, and more before you decide on this option. If this option isn’t right for you, it is still possible to sell your home quickly by working with the right home buying company. 

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