Machine Vision Inspection System Company Announces Availability Of Automated Vision Inspection Machines For Industries

October 13 22:18 2019
Shenzhen Sipotek Technology Co., Ltd has different types of automated vision inspection machines in their portfolio, which can be used in different industries for checking errors in a manufactured product.

In many industries, vision inspection is an important process to help maintain the product quality. A machine vision inspection machine can check all types of errors in a finished product without any human intervention. Shenzhen Sipotek Technology Co., Ltd is a renowned company in China that has different types of machine vision inspection systems in their portfolio. These machines operate in an automated environment and can detect a large number of samples on everyday basis.

One can glimpse through the range of automated vision inspection machines that Sipotek Technology maintains in its stock. The different machine models in their collection include, automated hardware optical inspection machine, full-size precision testing equipment, high speed glass turntable inspection machine, high speed precision hardware testing equipment, on-line inspection machines, easy operation visual inspection machines and others. They have simple space saving desktop models in their stock, which can offer fast and efficient error checking for samples of all sizes. The spokesperson of the company states that these machines can significantly shorten the testing time and save manpower hour every day.

Machine Vision Inspection System Company Announces Availability Of Automated Vision Inspection Machines For Industries

According to the spokesperson, they offer the high-end machine vision inspection system that can reduce human errors. The systems are designed to check errors on the basis of set parameters. The operator can define the parameters for checking a sample. It could be dimensional stability, design aberration, size inaccuracy, or any other defect. The company’s vision inspection system can measure multiple products, made of different materials, such as glass, aluminum, plastic and others. Due to their high accuracy in checking samples, these vision inspection systems can be used in a number of industries. The machine’s software automatically matches the image of a sample with the given template to find out any anomaly.

The spokesperson states that they have been supplying their vision inspection machines to many countries. Sipotek is known as one of the reputed machine vision inspection manufacturers that design machines according to the European standards. More importantly, these machines are simple to operate and no fixtures are required. According to the spokesperson, an operator can easily master it in just a few minutes. The dynamic vibrating feeder allows an easy placement of an object for its checking. There is no requirement of positioning. At the press of a button, the machine starts working and can start checking products in an automated manner. Sipotek focuses a lot on the research and development and brings advanced machines in the industry.

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