Out of the Shadows Podcast, All New Season Launched

October 11 01:15 2018

Investigative Podcaster, Shane Waters the creator of the “Out of the Shadows” podcast series recently announced the upcoming season of the much-anticipated show, which will focus on the cold case of the murder of Sister Cathy, the alleged cover-up of something far darker and the key suspects. Through the series, Waters and his special co-host will be talking to survivors to investigate what really happened to Sister Cathy, a beloved teacher and mentor at the Baltimore’s Archbishop Keough High School.

The Out of the Shadow podcast will pick up the investigation of a 50-year-old cold case right where the Netflix’s Docu-Series “The Keepers” left off. In his true investigative style, Podcaster Shane Waters will leave no stones unturned while investigating this long-forgotten case, he will be joined by Co-Host Gemma Hoskins who was a student of Sister Cathy and was featured in the Netflix Docu-Series.

Waters expressed his excitement in his official statement, he said, “I am thrilled to announce our new series about Sister Catherine Cesnik, we are continuing the work that was featured on Netflix’s Docu-Series “The Keepers”. I am Investigative Podcaster Shane Waters, whom many will know as the Podcaster known for The Redhead Murders Series. Joining me will be my Co-Host is Gemma Hoskins who was a student of Sister Cathy and was featured/stared in the Netflix Docu-Series as one of the main grassroots investigators. Join us as we interview more survivors, dive into deeper detail about many suspects, and provide new pivotal information.”

The Netflix series sparked National interest into the case of Sister Cathy’s Murder; it also prompted fresh calls for the Baltimore bishopric to unveil the controversies surrounding the suspected cover-up. “The Keepers” docu-series puts in the forefront the most controversial figure in the case – Father Joseph Maskell and his involvement in the alleged abuse of teenage students at the Baltimore’s Archbishop Keough High School that may have been the cause of sister Cathy’s early demise. Regrettably, the Catholic Church is notorious for their share of dark secrets including sexual abuse of underage children under the power and protection of the Church and Sister Cathy’s case maybe just one of those secrets.


Shane Waters has a college education in Forensic Psychology and a background in Investigation. Nearly three years ago, he launched his podcast “Out of the Shadows” as an investigative podcast series that is not afraid to descend into the dark side of humanity to bring cold cases Out of the Shadows. Water’s educational background combined is passion and unique style gives the podcast a distinctive, professional feel. 

For more information, please visit the Out of the Shadows official website https://www.shadowspod.com/

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